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Just wanted to say how much I adore your cosplays! They really are the best I have EVER seen. It would be incredible if you could do a tutorial and advice page because I'd love to create as high quality work as you two do ^-^

Please keep it up

Well...I have to say that this site is even better than both your devant pages combined! Kayleigh and Majin (Sorry if I spelled your names incorrectly) - you two are great cosplayers and make a wonderful couple. I can't wait to see more photoshoots put up.

By the two could do a Zack/Cloud cosplay. You'd make a good Zack Kayleigh, and Majin is already set with her Cloud cosplay from the Squall/Cloud photoshoot.

Hi ihr Zwei!

Ich wollte euch eigentlich nur kurz sagen, wie genial ich eure Cos finde!
Ich bin echt total begeistert - mehr weiß ich auch gar nicht zu sagen XD°
das wollt ich einfach mal loswerden *g*

*diese Seite im Auge behalt*
....und ihr habt einen Fan mehr *g* ;D


Hi^^ The first time I saw your cosplays was on Deviantart, and then I discovered this site of yours, and I just wanted to tell you...that you both are really amazing!!
The cosplay are perfect in every little detail and you girls are stunning *_* I really love the couple Zidane-Garnet ^_^
Keep it up!!

Kisses from an Italian fangirl ;)

I <3 ur cosplay!!

i had lots of stuff today and when i came hoem ur pics made me happy~ :D

I've been a long time fan, but sadly, this is the first time I come to this website!

Whenever I see your photographs, I have this sudden burst of energy and desire to cosplay. You two are amazing and such an inspiration.

A lot of my friends and I are jealous of you guys! Not only for your amazing ability to create awesome cosplays/pulling things from your closet and making them work, but for your relationship. You two are the cutest!

Drop a line whenever you decide to come to Anime Expo! There's a yaoi con here too!

Wishing you guys the best!


Hey Kayleigh, ever thought of trying out Zack from Crisis Core/Final Fantasy VII? Cloud would have to make a decision between the two~

I have seen both of your work on deviant and I found my way here. It sounds strange but I just get this amazing feeling radiating off you two. You're just so inspirable. You work together so well, like an inseparable flame. I can just tell you two were meant for each other and I'm glad you found one another. Your artistic ablities are incredible individually; but together it's unstoppable! Maybe I sound like a wacko, it's something hard to explain. But the two of you have given me hope. Lately I've been giving up on love and relationships but just seeing how you two are, it shows true love is out there. It's not just made up to make little girls feel better. I want to show my appreciation and do a seires or drawings for you. I take a rather long time but I promise I'll give it my all. I wish you both the best of luck on what ever path you'll find yourselves.

I love your cosplays. I think my favorite would have to be the Axel and Roxas ones. I love the Zidane and... Um... Garnet! Yes, that's her name. (I always forget her name, for some reason...) I also love the Leon and Cloud pictures. I think I like all of these because I'm most familiar with these characters. But I do adore the other cosplays you do. :3

I love you, Majin and Kay! 8D You two are awesome!


I didn't know you had a website O.O I was on DA and saw you had a site. And so here I am!

I really love your Yu-Gi-Oh cosplays ^_^ I also love all your orginal designs. That takes a lot of time. But you've inspired me. Which I wish to thank you for!

Don't ever stop doing what you love to do! Kay? ^.^

I'll be back!

♥ Jenny

[FONT=arial]Awww this is soo cute ^-^
You guys are cute and the layout matches ^-^

haha, I wonder if you guys ever go to a Cosplay around my Area we could cosplay

K thanks later ~~~ [/FONT]