Cosplay Videos

Welcome to our video section! 

This section will contain a collection of our Cosplay comedy-sketches, random convention videos, real cosplay music-videos (CMVs) and last but not least: official Cosplay performances. Some of them are old (oldies, but goldies <3), some new and some are still in our head. Regarding CMVs we are really slow, but from time to time we may present you our cosplays in motion! Keep an eye on this section. And meanwhile... have some fun with already existing clips. 


Cosplay music videos (CMV)

Durarara CMV Our first real cosplay music video! It features the story of Mikado's, Masaomi's and Anri's secrets and their friendship.
Kingdom Hearts - Happy Holidays This video was a present for all the nice people who were cheering on us while doing projects with our cosplay group "Kingdom Hartz IV".


Kingdom Hearts Highschool musical This is crack. Really, comedy crack thought up on the bus home from university with a lot of crack on mind. But fun :D
Kingdom Hearts - Another side, another story (AS2) Collection of funny short clips we imagined for the Kingdom Hearts games :D