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Beautifullly made website with perfect oraganization, how do you guys pull everything off?!
I'm always feeling inspired by your cosplays. The detail in each and every outfit is absolutely stunning! Your photographs are always filled with so much emotion, *makes me wanna cosplay too but...XD~* Gah have to stop now seeing I'll be talking in circles if I continue D:
All in all I wish both of you all the best, and...
hoping to see more cosplay photos keke OwOb!

Awesome web site! I really like the style. Your costumes are amazing too. I love the detail and enjoy looking!

I love all of your cosplays, they're all so amazing! ^_^ You're a huge inspiration to me and my best friend and we hope to someday be as awesome as you two. ;3 Keep it up! garnet1

hey guys^^ greetings from a huge fan from Norway.
I just wanted to tell you that you are a huge inspiration for cosplaying. I have never done it before, but after seeing your videos and photos, I REALLY want to. keep up the good work<3 can't wait to see your FMA cosplay^^

[SIZE=1]You cosplays are amazing.
I love them all.
You both are a big inspiration to me, and future cosplays.[/SIZE]

Hi guys !
Here a french fan of your cosplays !! <3
You do a very great job on these cosplays. (Axel Cosplay is perfect Oo Awesome !!!)
Go on like that =)

Gret work guys. I'm a cosplayer from michigan and lolita wearer. I love the detail you do in your costumes.

Wish I could sew. But you guys keep up the great work!

eiko1 [FONT=tahoma]Hallå, I am Kumori, I am a peruvian cosplayer, but now I am living Sweden I have found ur deviants and I can say that it´s awesome, i LOVE BxR Cosplay!!! it´s one of the best i´ve ever seen!!! I hope one we could meet each other XD to cosplay XDD dankshou![/FONT]

Your Kingdom Hearts group is amazing, and all of your cosplays inspire me to do a lot more and I can't wait to get to be as good as you guys in costuming. Keep up the awesome costumes, I can't wait to see your FMA stuff! ^.^

just wanted to say that you guys are sooooo cute. i love your relationship in and out of cosplay. x3 i like all your stuff, my girlfriend doesnt like cosplay at all. =[
your costumes are amazing!! =O

so yea. thats all. =]