The sucker for precision

As Cosplayer and Photographer life never gets boring

Hello, my name is Kayleigh and I want to tell you something about myself and the reason why I cosplay for about 10 years now. My everyday life consists mostly of a pleasant and creative working place as media-designer and the love of my life: Majin. I started cosplaying in the year of 2004, after returning from a trip to Japan/Tokyo and getting in contact with Cosplay for the first time. It had been “real-people-“ Cosplay back then. It fascinated me how one could change the complete appearence and I wanted to try that too.

Since I had been a child, I dreamed about being an actress one day. But being honest: Just a few truly reach this dream. Trying Cosplay brought me a bit nearer to that little dream tough. Plus, I always liked sewing and craftsmanship.

My first Cosplay wasn’t the best, but good considering my possibilities. It was so much fun to wear it the first time! To hold something you created in your hands! It made me really proud. I’m still cosplaying ‘till today. Cosplay means a lot to me. Together with my love I can create storys through photography, capture mesmerizing costumes and moments. I believe that cosplay helped me grow in some way. It’s a good, creative and sometimes a time- and money-consuming hobby. But It's totally worth it. ;)

Personal Info: I dont like to have much stress, but a certain kind of stress can be also funny! Sometimes it pleases me to just sit next to my love, doing nothing and enjoying the time we have privatly. Naturally I'm a very patient and calm person, I like to hang out with almost everyone. Im attentive to other people and it gives me a nice feeling to help someone out.

May, 20th
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Majin, cuddling, eating, cons, dancing, RPG, videogames, photography
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Favorite works

Final Fantasy XV - Ardyn & Noctis Ardyn and Noctis from the heart wrenching game Final Fantasy XV - also known as the adventures of a boygroup stalked by a weirdo with a hat.
Nier:Automata - 2B & 9S Our favorite androids from one of the best games ever made!
Servamp - Licht vs. Hyde Licht and Hyde fighting against each other and becoming a team in the end was the motto for one of our alltime favorite shootings.
Servamp - Domestic Greed Pair We decided to have a home sweet home shooting as our favorite angel and demon!
Guren and Shinya Owari no Seraph - Guren and Shinya This two hot guys are from Owari no Seraph. Named Guren and Shinya. They are bestest of friends and share a... deep relationship.
shirasu and tenka smiling Donten ni Warau Donten ni Warau (Lauging under the clouds) is one hell of a beautiful story. We had to cosplay from it! The art is amazing too.
Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi & Hange Shingeki no Kyojin attacked us! And we had to give in an cosplay as Levi and Hanji! Beware of lots of in-character fooling around.
Macross Frontier - Ranka (yellow dress) Ranka-chan in her causal yellow dress! The pattern of this dress is so cute, it looks like a little circus tent.
K project - SUPER PSYCHO LOVER We wanted to do a really blody and dirty shooting at least once. There couldn't be a better choice than Yata and Fushimi!
NyuTec - Kyle & Jin Kyle and Jin are characters created for NyuTec, our original univerese. These two are very special in their own way...
Pandora Hearts - Jack & Glen (Oswald) Back during their first friendship years, Jack had different outfits and Majin liked this one better than is original one. So she had to do it.
Pandora Hearts - Jack & Glen Jack and Glen share an intriguing friendship nobody understands. But there is something deep conecting them, something special.