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very nice cosplay. i hope you dont mind, but i used one of your marik pictures as a drawing reference. i think it turned out ok ^^

Cool side and absolutuly awsome costumes. It must be great to screw all this stuff for your own.
Keep going^^

I saw your stuff on Deviantart and omg, fellin love with you guys! Great cosplay from both of you! AxelxRoxas cosplay was the best imo :)
Keep it up!!

Heeey~ I haven't been on your site in a long while and was surprised by the new layout! It's so pretty and easy to through - you must have spent so much time on it, and it's definitely worth it! I love the gallery layout and the popup for the photos.

Lovely! ♥

[COLOR=indigo]Both of you are totally awesome~~
Thanks to you, you have revived my love for Bakura and Malik ^^ I love them so much >3

Keep up with the fantastic cosplays :3[/COLOR] kuja2

Hey; I'm not sure if it's a bug or not, but I noticed the banner "Twilight Fire" in the upperleft corner is cut off when at the blog's page.
The other pages are normal with the white decoration below 'Twilight'.

Anyhow; just a thing I though I'd point out. (Read: stalling having to study for my exams. XD)

You girls rock!!! I knew about cosplaying before but I never knew how cool and amazing it could be until I started watching you girls on DA you make me want to be a cosplayer too! maybe someday!

Thanks for the wonderful pictures! they made my days!!! eiko1

I've been watching the pair of you for years now, first on YouTube and then deviantART. I really think it's fantastic, what you're doing. Your costumes are amazing, and the craftsmanship looks brilliant. And you guys even manage to get the wigs right every time. As a cosplayer myself, I know how much time and energy it takes and your effort really shows. I'm glad that you're bold enough to post some of the more sexually themed pictures up on dA. It's refreshing that not everyone has to be silenced by common societal views. Keep up the great work, the pair of you.

Much Love


Hello girls! My name is Fotini (means someone/something that's bright and shining) and I'm probably the only greek person here.

Anyways, I'm writing to congratulate you. Your work is pretty awesome! Well done, dears! DAMN, I wish I could cosplay too :(

Please be always happy and creative!

Best wishes!~garnet4

I really love what you guys have been doing! Your amazing commitment to cosplay is astounding and I truly respect you both for that.

We all adore what you have been doing, whether it be Marik and Bakura -wipes drool from mouth- or Axel. Keep making many people smile from such dedicated work!

Many kind and warm regards,