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I just want to say, that I really love whatever you've been making :)
I absolutely love your KH cosplays, me and my friends have been looking through all your photos and adoring the Axels' hair, It just looks so real :3

I've liked your stuff since KH4 group and im totally addicted to your Musical.

Can't wait to see what your up to next :)

my names Emily,
i dont know if you remember but im talking to you (kayleigh) on deviant-art as MzMessy.

So, anyways,
I was wondering,
if you had any spare time or something, if you'd be able to make me any costumes?
What we'd like are Sora, Roxas, Riku Namine or Kairi costumes.
Or Yuna or Tifa from Final Fantasy.

If you need we can send you out sizes and measurements in another message or something.

Can you please email me back on [EMAIL][/EMAIL]

My name is Alyssa Marostenmaki, and i livein Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. I am new at cosplaying, and my favorite character of all time is Axel. For the past while, i have been looking at different cosplay groups and Kingdom Hartz 4 is deffintaly my favorite! I know that you are no longer together, but i really admire you.
I am in a bit of a dilema. My friends and I are getting together to go to an Anime Convention called Anime Evolution (AE) on the weekend of June 13th 2009. This will be my first convention ever, and i wanted to have an amazing costume! I emailed Kayleigh, hoping that she would be able to sell me an Axel Cosplay, but i am assuming that she no longer uses her email (posted on the KH4 site)
If you were able to make me an Axel Organization XIII cosplay before my convention, that would be AMAZING!
please email me back at [EMAIL][/EMAIL]
<3 alyssa

I can't wait to see your new cosplays. Your updates really make me curious.
I like the thing you added to the bar on the left in your blog. Makes it easier to find certain things as well.

Good luck with finding the camera you want!
Canon .. love it ^_^ *owns a canon herself; a powershot G2*

Oh my gosh, I love your new site. I especially love the Christmas vid you posted, it made me smile. Thanks for sharing all the awesome things ya'll do!

[COLOR=royalblue]I just had to say that I adore your cosplay's and they are a huge inspiration. You are both very talented. <3 Happy Easter![/COLOR] vivi1

hi you two,
i just want to wish you happy easter :)
may you eat lots of chocolat :)

hopefully, illl have great weather and lots of happiness!

Hey all!!!

Just a shout out form Australia to say hello, and that when I found out you had this site, I just HAD to come and have a look. I LOVE all your cosplays, especially the KH ones. I think I'm even going to cosplay Roxas at my next con. (I'm to short to do Axel. Haha).

If only I could sew...that would make costumes ALOT easier. At least I have some friends that can help me out. =)

Good luck with your next cosplaying adventure!!

Kitty x0x0

Hi!It's me again...I just got internet today and I came here first.I love you guys,Mejin and Kayleigh!I really hope you guys come to a comic con in san diego some time...Anyways I hope you guys aredoing fine and you guys rock!I check in sometimes! garnet1

Omigosh, okay. Hi.

My friend and i were looking through your gallery.
and , she wants me to say,
Any costumes your planning on never using again. Puh-lease send them over!

Cause we'll totally use them. Rofl

Anywhooo, Love you both, youre amazing!

DNAB, xx