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Amazed by the new lay-out! (Blue-one)
I absolutely love it. ^_^

Yay for updates! ^^ I can't wait for the new cosplay! You two are really something special.
I love your work, not to mention (And I know this might sound weird >.>) I really admire your relationship with each other.
I can't wait for the new stuff! And I will be patient :3 because I love you guys, and know life is a bit of a challenge at times. ^^ Take care!
oh. yeah. by the way. Happy Birthday Majin! (even though I'm like, xD really late!)

[SIZE=3]Hey Majin und Kay[/SIZE]
Ich muss hier auch mal einen Eintag hinterlassen *höhö*

Also *muahha*
Ich LIEBE, ja, nicht mögen, sonder LIEBE eure HP *bG*
Und eure genialen Cosplays natürlich :33
echt respekt dass ihr alles selber näht und so ^-^

Ich bin echt jeden tag auf eurer HP und warte sehnsüchtig auf updates xD°°
aber klar ich kann verstehen dass ihr auch noch was anderes zu tun habt ^^°

auf jeden fall respekt und macht weiter so !!!
garnet4 zidane3

[FONT=comic sans ms][COLOR=indigo]Hey Majin & Kayleigh,

I just wanted to tell you two that I love your cosplaying. Everything that I've seen from the pictures to the videos has been absolutely amazing. I'd have to say that my favorite characters that I've seen you two as would have to be Cloud and Squall (aka Leon), Roy and Edward, Garnet, and of course Axle and Roxas.

Anyway fantastic job on the costumes. I think another couple of characters you two should try would be Tifa and Reno.
Feel free to contact me if you have the time. The website is my Live Journal.

Cami[/COLOR] [/FONT]

hiya i love your cosplays they are just AMAZING n.n i first seen them of Deviantart i really like the one of Garnet and Zidane also Leon and Cloud ^-^garnet4

Hey guys!
I'm glad i found your new site :)
I'm a big fan of your kingdom hearts cosplay costumes and wigs as for my friend and I are currently discovering our new obsession for cosplaying.
Keep up the amazing work!
Lots of loveeeee ^^


Hey Majin and Kay.

my name is veevee and I've been watching you guys on deviantart. I just wanted to say that I am completely inspired and thrilled by your cosplays. I think with each costume you both do, you both fit it very well.

I am also thrilled to see that you are happy together. I've been with my girlfriend almost for 3 years now as well, so I know that wonderful feeling. I also read that you two are engaged. Congratulations! Is it legal for same-sex marriages in Germany? I hope so. Over here in California, USA, the Gay and Lesbian communities are still fighting for same-sex marriage just within our state. It doesn't look so good... but maybe we'll just move to Germany to get married! Haha.

I used to also cosplay, but with money, time and college, I just can't afford to do so right now. You two should come over to the states sometime. We need more good cosplayers around! Haha.

Good luck with everything you two do and with much love,

Wow! I didn't know you guys had a website like this! You guys keep surprising me lol. I am a huge fan of your cosplays, and I can't tell you how much I love them! <3333 Your the best cosplayers I've ever seen, and it's thanks to you guys that I have gotten the curage to wanna become a cosplayer! <3 garnet1

I love Your Website, you guys simply did a good job!!!!!!!!!

I've followed ur work on DA, and u guys inspired me to

work harder to have very nice cosplay!!!!!!

Simply amazing! I have seen your work on DA and was completely blown away. Keep up the good work, and can't wait to see what lies ahead for the two of you. ^^