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Oh man, ich find eure cosplays echt cool *_*

Ich freu mich so, dass ihr immer so viele bilder macht :)

vorallem eure jetzigen Bilder als garnet1 und zidane2 gefallen mir sehr gut^^ die passen auch sehr gut zu euch, als ich mein, ich kenn euch zwar nicht persönlich, aber von dem was ihr ausstrahlt auf bildern und so, genau wie axel und Roxas^^ die passen auch sehr gut zu euch ^_^

ich kenn mich mit cosplay nich so aus, daher kann ich auch keine kritik ausüben "XD für mich seid ihr echt toll!

Ehm...klingt komisch jetzt, aber gebt ihr auch atogramme oder wildfremden ein conhon eintrag >///<" Sorry falls ich euch mit dieser frage irgendwie belässtige, aber ich find euch wirklich toll und würd mich über soetwas sehr freuen T_T (Falls ich damit nerve, sag ich auch gar nix mehr ;_; Dann tut mir die Frage leid >_<")

lg dat mausi

Ello :3
I just wanted to leave a signing here in the guest book! ^-^
I really enjoy the cosplay and photos you two do! It is amazing!
I even put on my gaia profile that you were my top favorite cosplay couple XD
Um. Anyways. ^-^ Love the site! take care!

Patricia aka Swishy

Hi guys, I love your new website! The Final Fantasy 9 cosplay pictures are really good, nice job ^_^ I was wondering if you were gonna be on the new gamecon in germany (end of august).. It's the first time it's held and it's supposed to be the greatest game convention in Europe, but I don't know the exact name of the event... Anyway, if you know what I'm talking about, please let me know if you're gonna be there by any chance at all XD By brother's going there and I would love to let him give you guys a hug from me XD

ello ello!!
i found twilightfire today!!
i wasn't having a good day but as i went throught your pics i started to become more happy!!XD
i sent some of your pics to ma friends, they loved!!we all agree that you gguys are very cute together!!so PLEASE keep uploading!!
P.S. now i know where to go if i have a bad day!thanx for making this website!!! garnet1

[COLOR=sienna][FONT=tahoma]I stumbled upon your DA page today, and you have some awesome pictures. The costumes are divine, and the two of you together. :] You two are so cute! I'm looking forward to seeing some more of your cosplay. [/FONT] [/COLOR] vivi1

I love the new updated website! You did a really good job with it! I also enjoy the fact that you have a random picture off to the left, definitely shows some mad skill with websites and such (of which I am jealous of). Great work and you guys are pretty amazing!!

Just commenting to say I absolutely love your costumes and photos! You two are lovely together! :D

And your website name is so cool! It could be shortened to.. like.. TwiFi; x'DD

<3 Aara~

Hey, Kay and Majin! I'm just letting you guys know how much I love your cosplays and art, and that you two are so pretty! You're hot, and you're adorable together!^^ I love each and every picture you've ever done, from Axel/Roxas to the GazettE (my personal favorite) and Haruhi! I love it all, and I hope you continue for a long time doing what you love!


I saw all of your cosplays on DA.
You are so beautiful together and you make me smile everytime I see you \o/

Please, continue to do magnificent cosplays like those you are doing~

( And please, forgive me for all the english mistakes I made TT )

you are so awesome and i hope some day i can meet you
I hope too,that i can meet you at the Lbm ,Connichi or Nicon
best regards