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I love all your pictures! Your cosplays are wonderful. (:

You guys are awesome cosplayers! And actually you are the ones who made me wanna cosplay. Im a huge Axel-fan (cosplaying Axel as well), and Kayleigh is the biggest inspiration of mine, and in my opinion, the best Axel-cosplayer ever!

Im just curious, but what age are you two and what inspired you to cosplay in the first place? :D

Really love you guys <3

Absolutely love you guys. All your cosplays are awesome, from the wigs to the outfits to the expressions.

I was wondering, though, what fabric you made Axel's Organization XIII cloak from. All the other cloaks I usually see are either too shiney or just cotton. It's amazing how realistic it looks.

You girls are so sweet.. Everytime I see a pic of both of you, either cosplay or not, I feel tingling and warm inside.. =3

Majin and Kayleigh!! you're my Idols!! <3<3<3<3

Love your new layout, its so easy to navigate and has a more cheerful feel to it.. You're so awesome Majin! Great job with the site~

Can't wait to see your next cosplays~

cheers, =)

fratly1 these two should had more screen time together. freia1

You are both a huge inspiration.
Honestly honsetly.
& The way you look at eachother in this shots in your gallery is beautiful, i honestly cant tell if its purposeful or just how it always is for you.
Much love, Mara.

I adore you site! It's really easy to navigate and looks cool! The way you're pictures are displayed is a really good idea as well :)


loving your outfits!!!

<3 ^^

will you be selling any of your bits and bobs from you outfits?

and whered u get your outfits from and your hair??

loving you cosplaying

also echt ey
immer wieder neid wenn wenn ich das alles hier seh

Your costumes are beautifully done, but what I really want to know is where you got the earring(s?) in the Axel/Roxas: Next Generation shoot. The dangly thing that Axel is wearing. And I'm really hoping you don't say "I made it" because I really want one. Or a set.

I didn't quite know where to say it but; half of the photos in "Roxas and Axel Next Generation" don't work for me and only show a red X.

I don't know if it's my laptop or a mistake on the site maybe, but I thought I should let you know somehow o.o;