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Hi, this is a cool site and you guys do really good cosplay. Thanks!

^_^ EEP!! I am just letting you know that I added the link to your website on my web page!! You can see it if you go on my site under My Favorites (Links)

Totally supporting you two!!


I watch you both on DA XD
Anyway, I have been in a bit of a rut with life. i had my year long loveless relationship fall out, and I am trying to find faith in relationships again. You two have been together for so long, and It looks so nice...i was wondering if you had any advice? o/////./////o

Majin die seite geht nicht wieso? zidane1

i love ya'lls cosplays. ^^ I was wondering if ya'll were gonna do anymore of Another Side...... i really adore that.

Ich liebe eure seite *_*
ich hab euch verlinkt auf meine zidane2 garnet1

macht weiter so :D!!!!!!

I followed the link on your DA journal. Your design is very pretty~! I love it! I've never seen any of your groups' videos so I happily watched them all. The one of Kayleigh as Axel doing the R-O-X-A-S cheer was the funniest. I spilled drink out my mouth laughing. Anyway, I follow you on DA so I've seen most of these pictures. The videos were an added treat! You should really do more! Later~

[FONT=comic sans ms]comic[/FONT] [SIZE=2]regular[/SIZE] [COLOR=purple]purple[/COLOR] choco
Majin your cosplays are so epic, i hope to one day be as great as you and Kayleigh!!! i absolutly loved your work with Kindom Hartz 4 <3

so yea, just had to stop by and say hi and i hope your studies are going well- im a science major, so i can only imagine what your work load is like. mine sucks, but we do what we love...

any way
Love always and have a great day,

You guys are really awsome!!!
I just wish my friends would be more interested and actually be willing to do a cosplay with me here. But I guess I gotta wait until I go back to the States to really do anything. Any way if you know anyone who is looking to do cosplays can you please email me and let me know? Thanks and you guys are still liek the best ever to me haha.

One word summarizes what I can think when I first saw your website: wow! I have to say you gals have inspired me many times over to work harder at my cosplays!

I love all of your guys' work. It is fantastic and I can see that there's a lot of hard labor put into it. I check both of your deviantart accounts regularly just to see what new cosplays I can drool over!

Thank you both for what you're doing, and please keep it up, it's amazing!