Connichi Cosplay Line-up 2015

This weekend is one of the largest - and best - conventions coming up: the famous Connichi! I have been there many, many times and I never regreted it. This year will be awesome too! Finally we are able to wear our current FLASH-Cosplays. It's so much better and more fun, when you cosplay as a character you actually really want to. (we lose interest so very fast...) And this time its perfectly matched~ As you may have seen at the front page: we will be wearing two costumes from Owari no Seraph.

On friday we will wear Mikaela Hyakuya and Ferid Bathory. Together with our two awesome (and very anal) friends Firi and Rei, we will rock the convention! OUS! :D They will be cosplaying as Lacus Welt and Rene Simm.

On saturday we will cosplay as Masaomi Kida and Orihara Izaya from Durarara!! together with a bigger group. Im also looking forward to this. Very much so! Getting to know new people is always refreshing~

On sunday... yes... sunday is THE day. The one and only day. LAST BUT NOT LEAST! Its Gureshin-Day. :D We will wear Hiiragi Shinya and Ichinose Guren from Owari no Seraph. Ahh, I don't know how I will be able to survive this day!

Anyway, here is Majins Line-up

Here is Kayleighs Line-up

Our costumes are completely selfmade. if you have any questions regarding our costumes -> leave a comment bellow! We will get back to you and answer your question for sure. :)

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