BEWARE: Star Wars nerding deluxe!

On 20th of May (not 4th, haha) was my birthday and my dear decided to get something special for me. She said "we will enjoy some culture" while handing me the STAR WARS Identities Exhibition Tickets. I was like: wha, wha... I didn't KNOW OF THIS???!!! Why do you have those and are we really visiting this?! D:

So yeah, I was really, really happy about this present! (my whole birthday was especially nice this year, even though I didn't celebrate it) On 25th we visited the exhibition and I was able to see all those great costumes and models and artworks and and and! It was so awesome! Especially since I want to cosplay from SW in the future. *wants to be a Jedi once in a lifetime* So I was able to have a closer look at all the details and fabrics and stuff - cosplayers heaven!

We took a lot of pictures I want to share with you here.


 (I had been a big Boba Fan back then...)



    (Jabbas eyes are watching you....)


During the exhibition you are able to create your own SW character. I don't know what happend and when I turned male, but... yeah I did. I definitely started female! But I think my alter ego looks kinda hot. And my girl as Jedi too. :D

It had been a very memorable day~ Thank you very much my dear! <3

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