Next Cosplays: Owari no Seraph!!!

Hello guys!

We. are. doomed. D:

When Owari no Seraph started airing I was instantly hooked on a very sassy vampire who had a very short appearnce during the first episode. OK, so he left the stage and I thought "godness, I don't have to like this." This will save me lots of money and time! :D I didn't like the next episodes very much, but my dear liked the series so far. So we kept watching it. And then BOOM BABY! IM BACK! Yeah, Im talking about Ferid Bathory. And I was like: NOOOOO, I have to cosplay hiiiiim....!!! And my dear was: YEEEES! You have to cosplay hiiiiiiiim....!!! And my twitter-timeline agreed on that.


Thus our next cosplays will be Ferid Bathory and Mikaela Hyakuya! (My dear really has a thing for little blond emo-boys, no?)

She is already working on her costume. The fabric is not white, but with a ver, very, very small tint of creme. Because we think that Mikaelas uniform has a slightly warmer touch than Ferids. Im going for a white fabric/a cold white fabric. :) The wigs already arrived and both are very nice in colour! Perfectly fitting to our tastes. I will have to do a ponytail for the first time. Thus I ordered two wigs for spare-hair. Wish me luck!

Probably, you will see some progress here in the future. So stay tuned! (and send us some motivation, because Im lazy as hell)

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