Shingeki no Kyojin - Hanji's goggles

One person at tumbler asked me about Majin's Hanji Goggles and how she made them. Here is my answer:

Tipps for making Hanji’s Goggles

As for the googles: Majin made those from scratch. I think she used Worblas finest art to create the… frames? (its a material you can heat and mold) This way, she could build it fitting for her face. The straps are made out of brown ruber band. But not this sticky stuff you can’t get out of your hair when its tangled. Its a ruber-fabric-strap sort of. Do you know what I mean? :/ The glas is made of simple acrylic glas. :) The whole thing looks really easy to make, but it took her some time to get it fitting.

So my wise-words: keep trying! And try to make test-frames before you go for the real thing.

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