Owari no Seraph WIP Ferids wig

Today I want to write about the new cosplays we already started on: Mikaela Hyakuka and Ferid Bathory from Owari no Seraph!

Majin is sewing the jacket for Mikas uniform right now. The wig and coat are already finished. <3 I'm working on my first ponytail wig. If it weren't for anni's great tutorial and my dears first try on Tenka I would be a lot more... tense while doing this. But the wig comes along nicely so far! I even attached some extra hair within the ponytail to make it longer. :3 Of course I want to show you some pictures of my progress.

BTW, my dear managed to get me hooked on Glen too. She forced me to like him, because she LOVES Shinya and "Shinya and Guren are meant to be together"... or so. ;) Im almost 100% sure that Mika and Ferid won't be our only OwaSera Cosplays. 

Which reminds me of Arslan Senki... Why? Because thats my huge flash and I'm totally trash for Daryun... (and Daryun x Narsus). Damn whats with all the black and blond haired bishies???!! And I so so so so would love to cosplay Daryun, but I don't feel "manly" enough. But maybe... maybe together with our dear friends Firi and Rei... maybe for a small shooting. >.> Maybe...*stares of to distance*

Ferid Wig WIP photos


1 picture: started glueing the first strands together;

2 picture: more glued strands and started sewing in more wefts

3 picture: added extra long hair for the ponytail

4 picture: almost done with the ponytail :3

Some Mika WIP


The first one has its atenna finished already. :3 Isn't (s)he cute?

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