Levi Costume Question

At tumblr, one user asked me about my Levi costume. And since I answered it properly, I wanted to share it here as well:

Question: Where did you get all your stuff for Levi? The wig, boots and Cosplay? And do you have a make-up tutorial. Like it is beautiful.

All I got for Levi is self-made. Except the boots. Those are costumized to resemble the ones from attack on titan. 

Levis Wig

The Wig had been a shoulder-length black wig without crest. To get the “Levi-Look” I parted the lower part at the neck from the upper - later longer -part of hair. The lower part got cut really short and I heated the hair a bit, to flaten it. Then I cut and styled the rest of his hair. :)

Levis Boots

 I searched for similar Over-Knee boots on ebay and found some eventually. We wanted to use those for Hanji too, but since my girl is a bit taller than me, the boots were not high enough. The ones I got just work when you are as short as the Corporal.  :P

The rest of the Cosplay

Since my dear and I sew about 90% of our stuff, Levis clothes are selfmade by me too. The patches and the light-grey shirt are from eBay tough.

Levi Make-Up

Thanks for liking my attempt of looking like Levi. :) As for a tutorial: No, I havn’t one yet. And I don’t think I will make one. The simple reason is: everybody looks different and has to shade parts differently. My Make-Up won’t fit you eventually. But I have some advice! Try it. Try it as many times as you like till you are satisfied. Thats what I did too. Because all web-tutorials were not fitting for me. If you still want some advice, send me a picture of yourself and I try to make some suggestions. :)

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