Donten ni Warau


Animuc 2015

Ahhh, yes. Donten ni Warau. That was one hell of a long and slow cosplay-progress. But let's start from the beginning: I really loved watching this anime! It has beautiful art, beautiful characters and a pleasent story. I came in contact with Shirasu first on tumblr and thought "hey, he looks nice! Lets have a look into that anime". I still love him (somehow) but I became to love Tenka even more. Thus I wanted my girl to cosplay as him. I knew that he would fit her perfectly. Personality-wise and appearnce-wise. She hasn't disappointed me. ;)

So, I started with my cosplay a while earlier and had been almost finished when time for the convention came nearer. My girl underastimated the amount of time the crafting of the wig and kimono would need, thus I helped her out. A lot! (after all, I wanted MY Tenka >D) I drew the pattern of the clouds and transferred them onto the kimono. She painted everythign after that. (Im really proud of her patience)

The first time wearing Shirasu... yeah, I kinda was dissapointed. It didn't suit me well I thought. I had imagined it more... beautiful on me? So, white Make-Up sucks on me, the wig was to long and I felt shitty the whole convention day. BUT I was able to swoon, becaue of my own Kumo brothers. Luckily, our friends Rita (Chuutaro) and Chrissie (Soramaru) cosplayed DnW together with us! Thanks to all of my dears the day was great after all. <3

After cutting the wig some more and trying a different Make-Up style Im a bit more satisfied with Shirasu. But I think I won't wear him again soon.

Random works

K project - small world SaruMi during their middle-school time! We wanted to create the feeling of "their small world" through our photos. We hope you like it!
Pandora Hearts - Alice & Oz Cosplaying as Oz and Alice from Pandora Hearts meant chasing each other all day long and fooling around.