The sucker for precision

As Cosplayer and Photographer life never gets boring

Hello, my name is Kayleigh and I want to tell you something about myself and the reason why I cosplay for about 10 years now. My everyday life consists mostly of a pleasant and creative working place as media-designer and the love of my life: Majin. I started cosplaying in the year of 2004, after returning from a trip to Japan/Tokyo and getting in contact with Cosplay for the first time. It had been “real-people-“ Cosplay back then. It fascinated me how one could change the complete appearence and I wanted to try that too.

Since I had been a child, I dreamed about being an actress one day. But being honest: Just a few truly reach this dream. Trying Cosplay brought me a bit nearer to that little dream tough. Plus, I always liked sewing and craftsmanship.

My first Cosplay wasn’t the best, but good considering my possibilities. It was so much fun to wear it the first time! To hold something you created in your hands! It made me really proud. I’m still cosplaying ‘till today. Cosplay means a lot to me. Together with my love I can create storys through photography, capture mesmerizing costumes and moments. I believe that cosplay helped me grow in some way. It’s a good, creative and sometimes a time- and money-consuming hobby. But It's totally worth it. ;)

Personal Info: I dont like to have much stress, but a certain kind of stress can be also funny! Sometimes it pleases me to just sit next to my love, doing nothing and enjoying the time we have privatly. Naturally I'm a very patient and calm person, I like to hang out with almost everyone. Im attentive to other people and it gives me a nice feeling to help someone out.

May, 20th
brown mix
Majin, cuddling, eating, cons, dancing, RPG, videogames, photography
stress, chaos, stupid people

Favorite works

Alice and Cheshire Alice in Wonderland shooting with cheshire cat and Alice in the woods from winter 2012 photographed by Kayleigh.
Ao no Exorcist - Rin & Mephisto Ao no Exorcist is one hell of an anime! This costumes put us infront of a tough job.