100 questions challenge (2010)

This is kind of old, but always nice, and as I remade the new homepage this one kind of got lost. So here you go again with our 100 randomly asked questions challenge from 2010 started up on deviantart that time. 

100 randomly asked questions

We asked our deviantart watchers if they want to ask us random questions. So we gathered 100 of them and took our time answering them together. A lot of funny and also embarrassing stuff came out and you can read it here:


  • What do you do in your free time when your not working on cosplay?

    Majin: I'm doing websites and paint. And I'm lazy o.o

    Kayleigh: Drawing, watching TV...

    Majin: ...and we RPG (live). Everyday. Mostly.

    Kayleigh: YES!

  • How did you and Kalyleigh meet?

    Majin: I've been in a relationship with another girl when I got to know her better. The relationship ended after 3 months anyway... Kay was flirting like mad and it got me interested. Before we finally really came together she made me drunk with the not-intended help of her father and we made out in her bed. I don't even know how I ended up getting naked in the first place. It was really fun though XD

    Kayleigh: We knew each other through „KöViT“ (a visual and jrock meeting in cologne) since 2004. When she got my attention in 2006 again I didn't even like her because she seemed to be unfriendly.

    Majin: Eh, you only saw my cosplays and stuff. You didn't even know me XD

    Kayleigh: You had this... weird and negative vibrancy, but it changed really fast when we met up for a fashion show organized by a friend. When I came to know you out of cosplay I started to fall for you completely even though I did have a girlfriend back then.

    Majin: I love this turn of events.

  • Did you /ever/ have to withstand any insults for being gay?

    Majin: My mom tends to make mean remarks when she's slightly drunk or in a bad mood, because she's tolerant but deep within she'd more likely wants grandchildren and a family which fits her image. But it's ok. Mostly she's really nice. Outside of this I never felt dealt with in a mean way because of that. But I don't run around telling everyone „I have a girlfriend!“ either.

    Kayleigh: Not really apart from stupid kiddies on the street sometimes who are not worth mentioning.

  • What's your favorite drink?

    Kayleigh: Eh? Drink? Drink? Alcoholical? It would be „chilling angel“ (a cocktail)

    Majin: Dunno... XD I like Pina Colada. And Jägermeister with Energy. Non alcoholic would be Coke.

  • Do you like brownies?

    Kayleigh: Yeah but only a few, or else I'd puke.

    Majin: XD I love them. But not with TOO much chocolate.

  • Will you and your girl be taking part at Animuc 2010?

    Yes we will.

  • What TV program did you watch when you were younger that you wish was still making new episodes?

    Majin: I LOVED „Ai no wakakusa monogatari“ I don't know the english title, in german it's called „Eine fröhliche Familie“ (an anime series)

    Kayleigh: Dr. Snuggles and The Super Mario Show

  • What's your favorite kind of cheese?

    Majin: I like GOUDA. And nothing else.

    Kayleigh: Tilseter.

  • Have you ever visited another country? If so, what country and why?

    Majin: I visited Italy, Spain and Japan. The first two were because of group travels and the latter I visited together with Kay. It was a present from my parents and it was a dream journey ^___^

    Kayleigh: Spain and Greece because of holidays with my parents. Japan for sightseeing and culture. I actually visited it 3 times.

    Majin: I'm so jealous ;__;!

  • Where would you like to visit that you haven't and why?

    Majin: I'd love to visit Iceland since I was a child. I liked horses back then and the countryside. I'd also like to visit Cornwall. Because of the countryside.

    Kayleigh: I'd like to see London, but without money it's not possible. Also I'm interested in Ireland.

  • Why do you cosplay?

    Majin: I cosplay because I love sewing and I love it to be somebody else for a few hours. It's

    really fun and it's also nice to get to know so many interesting people. When I was a child I wanted to become a photomodel laughs Now I can fulfill this little dream a little bit XD It's really fun. Taking photos I mean. Also I'm a roleplayer.

    Kayleigh: It's almost the same as Majin except for the childhood dream and the sewing stuff.

    I hate sewing. I wish someone would do it for me XD

  • What got you into it in the first place?

    Majin: I went to a meeting in Cologne called KöViT. It was the first KöViT ever and I got to know a lot of people. Also I saw Jrock cosplayers. They looked really cool. There was a Dir en grey group with several Kyos, but there was no Toshiya. Toshiya was my favorite though and I decided for the next KöviT (3 months later) I'd make my first cosplay! It was Yokan Toshiya.

    Kayleigh: I thought cosplay was cool from looking at it. I badly wanted to make my own costume to be like my favorite artist from that time, Gackt. I also knew another Gackt cosplayer that time and I thought she was cool so I wanted to be that cool too.

  • If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would it be?

    Majin: I'd like to meet Lady Gaga. She inspires me. Also I'd like to meet Ruki (of the GazettE), but I don't actually know what to talk about with him. He's such an interesting artist, I just would love to know how his mind works.

    Kayleigh: I'd like to meet my grandfather who died before I could meet him. I'd like to know what kind of person he was.

  • Which three things are most important to you?

    Majin: My girlfriend, my family, my mind.

    Kayleigh: My girlfriend, my family, my freetime.

    Majin: We both didn't say „Friends“. I think it's obligatory though. Friends are always important XD

    Kayleigh: That's true.

  • Your most amazing experience until now?

    Majin: Visiting Tokyo together with my love. Even today it feels more like a dream I had than reality XD

    Kayleigh: Tokyo with my love and the day my parents gave me my car as a present. It's even worse that it's broken now...

  • Of the characters you've cosplayed, if you were to meet their voice actor what would you do?

    Majin: I'd tell them, they did a good job.

    Kayleigh: I wouldn't recognize any of them.

  • What's your favourite movie?

    Majin: Armageddon, but at the moment I also think Jumper.

    Kayleigh: Butterfly Effect.

  • What's your dream job?

    Majin: I'd like to be a recognized artist (of any kind).

    Kayleigh: Videogame Designer.

  • What are your best tips on transforming a girl into a guy for a male cosplay?

    Majin: You need to look not that girly from the beginning and bind your chest correctly.

    Kayleigh: You can also use makeup for a better skin.

    Majin: But good skin is not .. manly?

    Kayleigh: Depends on characters.

    Majin: I don't think it answers the question though...

    Kayleigh: I think it's useful!

  • How do you see the future of humanity?

    Majin: Dark and full of despair. I don't want to live until that day...

    Kayleigh: If I could see the future I wouldn't need to have a job for a living anymore.

    Majin: You're lame ^^“

  • What is your most precious wish for the future?

    Majin: I wanna be famous! Err, and healthy. And all of my friends and family should be healthy too. Also I want to have a nice life. Yeah, I have to many wishes.

    Kayleigh: I want to live my life the way I want it and wish everyone could do that too.

  • What do you consider to be your worst flaw?

    Majin: Lazy and stubborn.

    Kayleigh: Stubborn and hotheaded (even about little things)

    Majin: Kay's also aggressive sometimes.

    Kayleigh: Only if you want me to be >D

  • Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years (is cosplaying still in the future)?

    Majin: When I look back 5 years I don't see much difference. I will be even more richer in experience and hopefully have a job in the future. But I will have the same hobbies. I'm sure.

    Kayleigh: We'll see :)

    Majin: You're boring again...

  • Do you ever want kids?

    Majin: Yes. I LOVE kids. I want at least two :)

    Kayleigh: One's not enough, isn't it? But I want it, too.

  • When did you realize you were gay?

    Majin: I'm not really gay. I also had boyfriends in the past. I'm bi and I realized it... when I was around 16~17. It was hard for me though. It felt weird and I didn't tell anyone in the beginning.

    Kayleigh: I'm not completely gay either, I was also interested in boys/men. I first recognized it when a girl began to fall for me. I thought about it and at first it was a little awkward. I was around 20.

  • What is your absolute favorite fandom and why?

    Majin: That depends! At the moment it's of course the GazettE. I love their music, their style and everything. Also the people I know through the fandom are kickass. When it comes to anime it would be FMA Brotherhood. It just rocks.

    Kayleigh: I think the same. Also I like GazettE because their real people who do a lot of funny and weird stuff behind their artist's face. You can identify with it way more.

  • If you could trade lives with someone for a day, who would it be and why?

    Majin: That's difficult. I honestly don't know.

    Kayleigh: I'd like to trade with Majin. To see what it's like.

    Majin: What!?! O.ô

    Kayleigh: I think it's funny!

    Majin: I wouldn't want to know what you really think about me XD I don't want your … mind. Lol

    Kayleigh: Mindfuck!

  • How often do you actually speak in English and was it hard to learn?

    Majin: I rarely speak english, only for fun sometimes. But I like speaking english, I always loved speaking different languages. It's fun. It wasn't hard to learn either. I'm good with languages.

    Kayleigh: No. Sadly, no.

    Majin: pats head

  • What is your favorite the GazettE song?

    Majin: IN THE MIDDLE OF CHAOS!!!!!!!! And Miseinen :)


    Majin: Tsk. You copy me!

    Kayleigh: That's your fault for always writing down your answer first!

    Majin: As if!

  • If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?

    Majin: I'm a happy german. I'd never leave my hometown except for holidays :)

    Kayleigh: If I think about it... I like it here, too.

    Majin: That's the spirit!

  • If you were an animal, what would you be, and why?

    Majin: I'd like to be a bird. Obviously because they can fly.

    Kayleigh: I'd like to be a squirrel, they have a fat 'tail'. (The word 'tail' in german spells the same as 'cock') To be serious, I prefer to be a bird because I could shit on people's heads.

  • Would you prefer to be a horse or a fish?

    Majin: A horse. I love horses. A wild horse.. mhmmm....

    Kayleigh: ...mhmmmm Mustang?

    Majin: I don't write that down -.-'

    Kayleigh: That's a pity. Can I be something else? I don't like either of them.

  • Would you prefer to lose your right leg or your best friend?

    Majin: Lose my leg.

    Kayleigh: Same here.

  • What is the weirdest thing you have ever said while filming a video, and what is the funniest?

    Majin: I don't say funny shit, but I know a person who does...

    Kayleigh: … yeah.. that video.

    Majin: „ROXAS YOU'RE SO HOT I WANNA FUCK YOU!!“ And then she runs around telling everyone to piss off and don't film her XD

    Kayleigh: I really don't know where THAT came from...

  • What is the funniest thing you can remember that's happened to you or one of your friends?

    Majin: It was totally funny to see Koji in her Greed costume in our living room for the first time. She wore a pair of totally TOTALLY ugly pants XD Then Kay gave her some of her own.

    Kayleigh: A friend of us who can't drink too much, she was drunk like hell and she behaved totally funny.

  • What do your parents think of your cosplays?

    Majin: My parents see it as a waste of time, they also don't quite understand it.

    Kayleigh: My parents think it's kick-ass and they like to see what we do.

    Majin: My kick-ass grandma likes it too though.

  • What is your job?

    Majin: I'm a student of computer science. I work in the psychology faculty two times a week at university too.

    Kayleigh: I'm an advertising technician.

  • Does it feel weird to go out cosplaying for a weekend and then have to go out into the "normal" world the next day?

    Majin: Not really. But there's something like the „Con-Blues“. It's the sad feeling you often get after a good con making you miss the time.

    Kayleigh: I'm often relieved when it's over. It's always stressful and I love my freetime. But during the weekend it's cool nonetheless.

  • Can you sing?

    Majin: I wish.... I love it though. Especially when nobody's listening xD I hear my voice in a different manner than everyone else and when I record it and listen to it... it's so BAD! I hate it. But I like to hear myself singing when I sing to CDs and stuff. Especially in japanese.

    Kayleigh: I can't. So you're better off not listening to it.

  • Would you cosplay for a living if you could?

    Majin: Of course!

    Kayleigh: No I wouldn't. When hobby turns to work it's always bad. And no fun anymore.

    Majin: But doing a job that's boring or shit from the beginning is worse.

    Kayleigh: But when forced to do something you like, you won't like it anymore somewhen.

    Majin: I think it depends. It's not like that with everything.

    Kayleigh: Maybe.

    Majin: You see, that's the reason why I wouldn't do paintings for a living. But it's another thing for me. It isn't something I can do everyday.

  • Do you prefer cosplaying as a guy or girl?

    Majin: In the past I only cosplayed as boys. It was more because... I didn't find girls with a character that I liked. But then I cosplayed as Haruhi and Garnet and it was very funny and comfortable. My breasts got bigger over the years XD .. So binding gets more and more painful. Cosplaying girls is better for me. But I don't want to do it very often.

    Kayleigh: Normally I like boys more than girls, because mostly the male characters are more cool. I like that kind of character more so I prefer male. I WOULD cosplay a cool girl if there would be one I liked. For example Nagato Yuki, she's not the typical girl, I like her a lot.

  • When you first started cosplaying, did you ever worry that you wouldn't do well?

    Majin: I was very nervous. Really... in the beginning I didn't think about it, but when I went to a meeting and everyone stared at me I felt really uncomfortable. A lot of people asked for a photo though, so I thought it wasn't that bad :)

    Kayleigh: Sure, because most of the things I do for the first time make me feel unsure about it. Not only cosplay. But when I finished my first costume and realized how good it looked for a first-time, I thought it can't be that bad.

  • If you and your baby could somehow transport into any anime or videogame universe for life, which one would you? Why?

    Majin: I'd take the FMA universe! I would love to do alchemy and I like the scenery a lot.

    Kayleigh: I think I'd chose the same as my love. Let's go to Central!

    Majin: Although... I'd like to drive on Air Treks too. It's kick ass.

    Kayleigh: I wouldn't be able to do well then! I'd be Majin's tuner >D

    Majin: You damn pervert! But you're really bad at skating.

  • Pirates, Jedi's or Ninjas.

    Majin: Ninjas.

    Kayleigh: Jedis, because they can be everything!

  • Which do you like better, pancakes or waffles?

    Majin: I'm a pancake maker, yes, but I love waffles too XD I can't decide.

    Kayleigh: PANCAKES! Majin, make me some!

  • What's your favorite board game?

    Majin: I prefer card games. If I need to chose... Monopoly. Though I don't like games in general. I'm.Always.Losing.

    Kayleigh: Monopoly or that game.. with a pyramid, but I don't remember the name...

  • Would you consider going to a convention in the netherlands?

    Majin: Normally, no. But there's the elf fantasy fair! I'd like to go there this year *-*

    Kayleigh: If I had the money, why not?

  • Do you have any pets? What kinds? How many? Names?

    Majin: We have a bird. A budgie.

    Kayleigh: An evil budgie.

    Majin: The name's Kira.

    Kayleigh: He'll be your worst nightmare!

    Majin: He fucks just everything that moves and doesn't move.

    Kayleigh: E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G

    Majin: Yeah, damn you Kira.

    Kayleigh: We love you, though.

    Majin: We got him from Rei_Kashino. When she moved together with Firi she couldn't take him with her.

  • What's your funniest/favorite memory from your childhood?

    Majin: I always loved visiting amusement parks with my family. Especially if me and my mom (she was really young back then) went alone. It was kick-ass!

    Kayleigh: Sledging with my dad! Especially with the car wheel we had. The best was that my dad behaved like a child, too, it was very funny!

  • Any fears?

    Majin: I'm terrified of fire and darkness. When I was a child it was very very hard. I often had nightmares and the fear that my house would burn down. Now it's more the darkness. I see things in the darkness and it terrifies me. Also, spiders. Damn them. I fear a lot of insects actually.

    Kayleigh: I don't really have any fears. It's more like a form of respect for the forces of nature. One thing I'm afraid of is being left alone.

    Majin: When it comes to such emotional stuff I'm afraid of being forgotten.

  • Who's your favorite actor?

    Majin: Bruce Willis.

    Kayleigh: Johnny Depp.

  • How do you pick your costumes?

    Majin: I see a character and feel like I wanna be him. Then I see if the style suits me. And if I'm flashed with the whole thing I most definitely cosplay it.

    Kayleigh: It's the mixture of everything, the character, the looks and I need to be able to identify with him/her.

  • Do you see other people cosplaying as the same characters as competition or people with similar interests?

    Majin: Hah, that's a mean question.

    Kayleigh: Cosplay is not a competition, but many people see it that way and I don't understand it.

    Majin: It's normal that you look at people who cosplay your favorite character more critical. If I like the person who does it I'm friendly, but if he/she behaves weird or looks at me in a weird or negative way (actually many people do that) then I can't stand it. I don't want to see people I don't like cosplaying the same character as me.

    Kayleigh: Depends on the person. If people are asshole I'm an asshole too. If they're friendly I'm also friendly.

  • How would you explain cosplay to someone overly critical?

    Majin: I wouldn't.

    Kayleigh: Me neither. Lol. They wouldn't understand it anyway.

    Majin: Why put your work into things not worth the trouble? XD

  • Do you think people who think cosplay was stupid are missing something?

    Majin: Yes. They're missing creativity and brains.

    Kayleigh: Yes that's right, but you can't force people to like it.

    Majin: Just because it's not your hobby you don't need to call it stupid. I don't play tennis. I wouldn't say it's stupid just because I can't do it.

    Kayleigh: That's true.

  • What do you hate seing at conventions?

    Majin: Fat people wearing too less clothes. Sorry. Also distasteful clothing in general and people running around halfnaked. Or naked.

    Kayleigh: I think everyone should do what they want, BUT they should do it with common sense.

    Majin: I hate people without commen sense. I don't hate fat people. But if they don't look good in some kinds of outfits, why do they think it's ok to wear them for everyone to see?

    Kayleigh: I also hate distasteful yaoi shit on cons.

    Majin: And people behaving like brainless idiots. Especially those who're really loud and annoying.

  • Did you write a concept for your homepage?

    Majin: Not really, I'm doing homepages for a long time now and the stuff who should be uploaded just comes to my mind naturally. For the layout Kay and me always play around until we find something we both like.

    Kayleigh: Yep.

  • Do you think you have a Corporate Identity- or need one?

    Majin: laughs I never really thought about it. Maybe I'll make one someday but I'm sure I'll get bored by it soon XD

    Kayleigh: We have a corporate identity! We're „the perfect couple“!

    Majin: Errm... that's something different! XD

  • If you were stuck on a rowboat with only three man eating animals, what animals would you choose?

    Majin: WTF? I'd swim and flee!

    Kayleigh: I don't know.

    Majin: That is really really random!

  • Also, if you had all the money in the world, what would you do with it? 

    Majin: I'd make a new world order! And fulfill all of my dreams XD And those of my dears.

    Kayleigh: I'd make everything right that all of the politicians are doing wrong at the moment.

  • If you were able to make one character come to life (and whoever their partner may be, because we all know we could never live without them), who would it be and why?

    Majin: I'd like to take Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. And let them teach me how to fly :)

    Kayleigh: I'd like to chose Sailor Moon! She's a cultfigure!

  • What's your favorite flavor of milkshake?

    Majin: I don't like milkshakes.

    Kayleigh: Banana!

  • What was the last anime you cosplayed?

    Majin: That would be FMA Brotherhood.

    Kayleigh: Yep.

  • What are your top 3 most embarrassing moments of life?

    Majin: Running around the house of my parents only in my underwear and having my two friends see me like that. Since then they call me 'exhibistionist-majin'.

    Also every fucking video and almost every fucking photo of me when I'm partying or dancing or singing is TOTALLY EMBARASSING. I hate my voice! And the kind of face I sometimes make.

    One party I was that drunk I made out with random friends at the toilet and also had a total blackout, woke up in the middle of the night somewhere on the floor in the dark. I also danced „Vanilla“ (Gackt) in a very embarassing manner that evening. I'll never drink that much again.

    Kayleigh: When Majin and her best friend had a sleepover at my house in the past we talked about stuff and suddenly Majin said something about her girlfriend and I screamed „WHAT? You have a girlfriend!??“ a little TOO obviously XD

    Sometimes I have some overly excited 3-5 minutes at home and then I behave in a very embarrassing manner. I'm relieved that only my girlfriend sees me like that. Mostly. XD

    It also felt embarrassing when my girlfriend saw me naked for the first time.


  • What is your inspiration?

    Majin: A lot of things around me inspire me depending on my flash and mood. Music inspires me a lot. Also nature.

    Kayleigh: People inspire me and their feelings and drama.

    Majin: Oh yes. I'm more often inspired by negative things. Always been.

    Kayleigh: Negative things make me thoughful.

  • If you were to enter a fairytale / fantasy world, what one would it be? (like Wonderland, Middle Earth, etc.)

    Majin: I'd like to enter the world of Final Fantasy IX. It inspires me.

    Kayleigh: Oh yes! I didn't think about it. I love it. (meaning FF9)

  • What do you think is the best prop or costume you've ever made?

    Majin: Best costume: Reila. Best prop: my Automail.

    Kayleigh: I'm very proud of my millenium rod.

    Majin: You made my wonderful garnet accessory. It's kick ass.

    Kayleigh: Now that you mention it, … yeah it's good.

  • Who is your favourite author?

    Majin: Dan Brown and Sergej Lukianenko. Also Akif Princci.

    Kayleigh: Joane K. Rowling and Sergeij Lukianenko.

  • Have you ever considered attending conventions in other parts of the world? (i.e. US and Canada)

    Majin: Thought about yes, but the money is a problem.

    Kayleigh: Not really, it'd be cool, but it's somehow not possible for us.

    Majin: It's eating up all of our money to visit the conventions in our own country.

  • Do you and Kayleigh ever speak in English to each other when your at home?

    Majin: Nope, maybe one or two words for fun XD

    Kayleigh: Yeah.

    Majin: Kay's english is bad XD

  • How long have you two been together?

    Majin: for a long long time.

    Kayleigh: means almost 4 years.

  • Do you see your self married with children with her in the future?

    Majin: I'd like too, but sometimes I don't really know. Married of course.

    Kayleigh: I think yes. We plan to marry and I don't want to grow old alone.

  • Does Global warming scare you?

    Majin: No. It's a lie. They make it look more dramatic than it is.

    Kayleigh: Isn't it a kind of self repeating cycle? I mean.. there'll be another Ice Age somewhen too.

    Majin: Something like that. If humanity is destined to be destroyed, then we cannot change it.

  • Do you prefer your hair long or short?

    Majin: mid length I guess. Short hair doesn't suit me at all. But my hair doesn't grow that long so I never really had long hair. It looks good on me though XD I know it from wearing wigs.

    Kayleigh: I prefer short hair. It suits me better.

  • What are your favorite cartoon characters?

    Majin: Cartoon as in cartoon? Non-anime? I don't like many cartoons, so spontaneously I'd say... Lucky Luke.

    Kayleigh: I like the tiny toons!

    Majin: Oh, I liked them too! I also loved Astro Dinos.

  • Ink or ballpoint pens?

    Majin: Ink.

    Kayleigh: Ink.

  • If you were stuck on a deserted pirate ship, what would you do?

    Majin: I'll take it and mark it as mine. Then I'm gonna be a pirate queen and gather some men!

    Kayleigh: Me and my crew would DESTROY THE WORLD!

  • What is your favorite thing about your partner?

    Majin: Heh.

    Kayleigh: What kind of answer is that?

    Majin: You start.

    Kayleigh: Fuck you. Oh, that's a part I like about you. Fucking you.

    Majin: -____-'

    Kayleigh: To be serious. I love her eyes. They always tell me in a detailed manner what she feels like at the moment. I can read in her eyes what she wants me to do at that moment for her.

    Majin: I'm good at it I guess? XD

    Kayleigh: Yeaaah.... too good for my taste.

    Majin: Heh. You know I like your face. Especially your cheeks! They are the cutest thing ever and I like to touch them.

    Kayleigh: Everything for you needs to be cute and small -___-'

    Majin: LOL. Talking about small, I also like your sweet little breasts.

    Kayleigh: THANKS ASSHOLE... I like yours too. We're not seriously talking about breasts aren't we?

    Majin: Damnit. Ok. I love your shoulders. I often take photos of them when you sleep.

    Kayleigh: Mhmmm... your neck. Looks delicious.

    Majin: Sure you're not a vampire after all?

    Kayleigh: I don't sparkle in the sun.

    Majin: LOL. Ok, is that all about it?

    Kayleigh: Oh, there's a lot more but not everyone needs to know every detail >D

    Majin: Sure. We need to stay mysterious!


  • What are cosplay and conventions to you in 5 separate words ?

    Majin: Fun – Photos – roleplay – friends – smiling.

    Kayleigh: fun – friends – showtime – stress – memories.

  • Do you believe you belong in a different time period?

    Majin: Not really. But I'd like to live a little more in the future. More technology!

    Kayleigh: No. I feel well as I am.

  • When's the wedding?

    Majin: When we have money. It has to be.... BIIIIIG >D

    Kayleigh: Anno Domino 2113.

    Majin: Baka.

  • If you had 3 wishes that could be used for anything at all, what would you wish for (and none of this wishing for more wishes)?

    Majin: I'd like all my physical flaws to be removed. Always enough money. Adventures!

    Kayleigh: World peace. I want to gain 10 cm in height. I'd like to have an interesting life.

  • How many siblings do either of you have?

    Majin: I have two little sisters and one little Brother. My brother and one of my sisters are twins and at the moment they're 12 years old. The older sister is 13.

    Kayleigh: Destiny didn't want me to have any siblings...

  • What is the weirdest reaction anyone's had to seeing you cosplaying in public? Or the funniest reaction.

    Majin: I don't know... old people are often really nice and funny when they talk to us and ask what we're doing and tell us how cool it looks.

    Kayleigh: Children always react in a cute and funny way. E.g. „Look! A princess! Oh, there the girl has a TAIL!“

  • Favorite stuffed animal as a child?

    Kayleigh: My little yellow bunny ;___; I burned his left ear, but it disappeared one day.

    Majin: A little doggy was my favorite. I always gave him a ribbon around his head. My grandma gave it to me... but one day it was gone. ;____;

  • Fave school subject?

    Majin: Arts.

    Kayleigh: Arts.

    Majin: When I think about it, I also liked english and french, at least in the beginning.

  • If you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep what do you do?

    Majin: I roll around in my bed until I can get to sleep. If it does not help I get aggressive and sulk the whole night and day after.

    Kayleigh: That's not all my dear. I cuddle with Majin when I can't sleep or roll around. Until she wakes up and scowls me for waking her up.

  • What kind of underwear do you prefer?

    Majin: Slips.

    Kayleigh: Nothing. Because it's faster and easier for sex.

    Majin: She lies.

    Kayleigh: Ok, I pass. Panties.

  • Why do you have to press start when you want to close down the computer?

    Majin: Because the 'Start' Menu contains the Shutdown menu and you need to get there first.

    Kayleigh: Because the end and the beginning are the same. It's like a cycle.

  • Did you ever watch hentai?

    Majin: Not really. We MAKE hentai. We don't need to watch it. XD

    Kayleigh: That's right. It's also too brainless for me.

  • If either you or Kayleigh were to wake up in the morning and there were suddenly TWO of the other? How would you react/what would you do?

    Majin: I'd have sex with both of them >D

    Kayleigh: Oh noes, there would be even MORE work during sex. I would have more fun at torturing though. Heh.

    Majin: Oh poor me and... me. ;____;!

  • How tall are you?

    Majin: 167 cm.

    Kayleigh: Not tall enough.

    Majin: BIG Surprise XD She's smaller than me.

    Kayleigh: GRRRRRRRRRR.

  • Favorite pastime?

    Majin: Eating and... being lazy... and I like the feeling of having nothing to do and being able to do what I sponteaneously want to, no matter what.

    Kayleigh: RPG and... sex. Good sex.

  • Favorite sport?

    Majin: Does DDR count? I like Inlineskating and riding my bike.

    Kayleigh: Does mattress-sports (sex) count? If not, I choose... swimming.

  • Bananapancakes or Jellyfishes?

    Majin: None of them haha.

    Kayleigh: Just because, definitely jellyfishes.

  • How did you get your nicknames?

    Majin: I was a DBZ fan way back then and I called myself „Majin Bra“ in a forum. Mostly people referred to me as M.B. When I registered at Animexx.de for the first time I only used the word Majin and since then it's my name. On many sites it is often already in use by another account so I started to add „sama“. I'm the only person I know on the net using the name majin-sama though.

    Kayleigh: When FF8 came out I was a big fan of Laguna Loire. Throught the fandom I got to know a fanfiction authoress who wrote about FF8, but also added original characters. There was a girl named Kayleigh Loire who was the granddaughter of Laguna Loire. Because I liked the name a lot and was friends with the authoress I took the name and kept it since.

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