OMFG we got stuck in a tiny glass!!!!

Pasta and Abyssinian shrank us to a mini-size and put us into some nasty glass! D:

Here a little story why this happend: Majin and myself couldn't attend this years Leipzig-Bookfair, because we had to decice between Animuc and Leipzig-Bookfair. Our choice had been Animuc in the end. But everyone attends Leipzig Bookfair at the start of the year and it will take so much longer to see everyone at Animuc again. So I asked my Twitter-Timeline to "take us along" on Leipzig-Bookfair. I never expected anyone to do it, because... hell yeah... everyone is pre-occupied with their own costumes right before it starts. But I got some unexpected replies too!

Aoi-Crow told me she will do it and Rob Lucci too! it made me really happy, that those two responded. And then Leipzig-Bookfair friday arrived and this popped up! (the picture to the left) Pasta and Aby had surprised us with this cute photos and I had to grin like a maniac all day long.

Thanks for being so awesome guys! You are the best. <3

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07/17/2020 - 15:43

We played Final Fantasy VII Remake the first day we could download it in april. It was such a delight and still is.

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06/07/2017 - 19:11

Long time no see (read |D ) .... and I have the feeling we're only sharing stuff when we need to report on conventions. Ahh.... that's too bad.

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04/01/2017 - 18:29

So the bookfair in Leipzig was last weekend and I finally found the time to write something about it.

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01/17/2016 - 14:48

This is kind of old, but always nice, and as I remade the new homepage this one kind of got lost. So here you go again with our 100 randomly asked questions challenge from 2010 started up on deviantart that time. 

100 randomly asked questions

We asked our deviantart watchers if they want to ask us random questions. So we gathered 100 of them and took our time answering them together. A lot of funny and also embarrassing stuff came out and you can read it here: