Final Fantasy XV at MCC 2017- a report in pictures

So the bookfair in Leipzig was last weekend and I finally found the time to write something about it. It was a blast, especially since we were able to wear our Final Fantasy XV costumes which we finished just a week before the convention. Damnit, progress was a nightmare. Many people followed our progress on Twitter and Instagram and talked to us at the bookfair, it was so nice! And so as the king of selfies I took a lot of pictures with my mobile phone :) 

You can see the pictures right beneath this text, I'm sorry if some of them are rotated wrongly, but I have a few technical problems at the moment and .. ahh.. please don't ask.

So, all the wonderful people who met us at the convention, thank you so much for making this weekend a very very precious experience for us!!

If you're on one of the photos beneath and want to use it or post it somewhere else, feel free to do so :) 

Oh.. and I commented like... 90% of the pictures in a really stupid way. So my REAL convention report is somehow... in the pictures :D

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