Moving soon! - Building progress

Hey guys! Today I want to tell you about our new appartment we'll be living in soon. So, my dad is building up a two family house. And we'll be moving into it mid-may this year. Construction started in October last year and now we're on the finish line. Yesterday we went to visit the building lot and I decided to take a bunch of pictures.

A quick sum-up about the new apartment: Living space will be 100m². Half of it will be one big room where the living room, dining room and the kitchen resides. The rest is bedroom, home office (aka cosplay room :) ), a little utility room, bathroom and a seperate toilet for guests. Additionally there will be a big patio and a little garden. We'll also have a little attic room, for storing cosplays/weapons and stuff.

We will completely change our furniture style and the living/dining room will be all white furniture with colorful accessoires, carpets and curtains. The home office will be cute with pastels and a lot of colorful boxes (IKEA style :D) and sewing accessoires while the bedroom will get an industrial/steampunkesque style. The bathroom will be warm and more natural. That's the plan for now. 

Since january we've been constantly looking for furniture and ordered a lot of stuff, all the while trying to save as much money as possible for the move and the following housewarming party :)

So, are you curious already? This will be the front of the house. We will live on the first floor btw. The design and the roof were designed and built by my father and his company.

On to the living room, because there the floor tiles are already finished. Doesn't it look big with Kayleigh standing in the middle of it? XD I stood in the kitchen while taking the photo.

This will be the kitchen

And this will be the bathroom


This is the garden as seen from the the balcony on the second floor.

Sooo! The rest of the rooms is not finished yet and full of material and stuff, so I will take photos next time when the walls will be colored!

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