The GazettE - Disorder


KöViT 2007

It's been our dearest wish to cosplay Reita and Ruki together because we really came to love them over the past months. The vests are really selfmade! We painted the symbols on with the help of templates Kayleigh made at at her old workplace. It's been time consuming, but in the end it turned out really cool looking. The pants were kind of a pain though.

As we didn't find any pictures of the live version we took those from a shooting where they wear the exact same clothes, just a little different hairstyles. (I just love Ruki's pink streak and wanted to cosplay it that way)
We made a secret out of our character change and surprised everyone at the meeting we wore it too! It was really funny. Sadly there were no good photographers in the scene back then and our own camera was very shitty too, so we didn't take many good pictures. We tried to make the best out of them, though. All the accessoires Ruki wears made this a really cool and fun experience!

Random works

Detroit become human - Hank & Connor Our favorite android / human detective duo! DBH left a deep impression, so we just had to cosplay from it.
Rising of the Shield Hero - Naofumi & Raphtalia We wanted to do something really typical isekai-anime and roleplaying type-ey for a change.