J Rock

The GazettE - Invisible Wall

J-Rock revival! After a long time of anime/manga cosplay we re-discovered our love for Gazette, especially because of Invisible Wall!

Alice Nine - Kowloon: Nine heads rodeo show

Yes. We fucking painted all that fabric by ourselves. It took 15 hours xD And afterwards we felt kinda delirious.

Panic channel - Tara

Panic channel's ex-bassist Tara from a photoset with pigtails and a really cute and punky outfit!

The GazettE - Reila

Gazette's Reila is just so beautiful. All the costumes, the makeup, the song and everythign about it. So we had to cosplay it together!

Toshiya - Tsumi to batsu (photoshoot)

The last one of my Toshiya costumes, and the one I came to like the most.

The GazettE - Disorder

It's been our dearest wish to cosplay Reita and Ruki together because we really came to love them over the past months.
Reita and Ruki Gazette Disorder

Toshiya - Garden [alternate]

The first really (for me) complex costume I made. It has two slightly different versions which I put together.

Toshiya - Drain away

The two PV versions of Toshiya's Drain away outfit. Made them when I was a total beginner :)

Uruha - Disorder

Rawr~ Me as sexy guitarist Uruha from Gazette wearing the badass DISORDER stage-outfit.

Uruha - Black Moral

The first cosplay I enoyed together with my love! Lend by her dear friend. :)