Banana Fish - Ash & Eiji

Oldie, but goldie! When BANANA Fish got remasterd, we had to watch! And Majin fell in love with a blonde lynx...

Detroit become human - Hank & Connor

Our favorite android / human detective duo! DBH left a deep impression, so we just had to cosplay from it.

Kimetsu no yaiba - Giyuu & Sabito

One of the best anime adaptations of 2019! Hopefully it will get a second season.

Rising of the Shield Hero - Naofumi & Raphtalia

We wanted to do something really typical isekai-anime and roleplaying type-ey for a change.

Final Fantasy XV - Ardyn & Noctis

Ardyn and Noctis from the heart wrenching game Final Fantasy XV - also known as the adventures of a boygroup stalked by a weirdo with a hat.

Nier:Automata - 2B & 9S

Our favorite androids from one of the best games ever made!

Attack on titan - After titan invasion AU

Our own vision of a world without titans in which, of course, Hange and Levi travel the world together and be badass.

Occult Academy - Maya

Maya from Occult academy. It's a 90's style modern anime with a weird story and a really weird, but charming heroine.