Servamp - Halloween Greed Pair

Halloween time! We spontaneously decided to do the Halloween version and took some angel and demon pictures on Halloween.

Servamp - Licht vs. Hyde

Licht and Hyde fighting against each other and becoming a team in the end was the motto for one of our alltime favorite shootings.

Guren and Shinya warehouse shooting

This was our "getting to know each other" photoshooting with Roxy Photography feat. her girlfriend as Yuuichiro!

Servamp - Domestic Greed Pair

We decided to have a home sweet home shooting as our favorite angel and demon!

Owari no Seraph - Guren and Shinya

This two hot guys are from Owari no Seraph. Named Guren and Shinya. They are bestest of friends and share a... deep relationship.
Guren and Shinya

Sheryl Nome - Red dress

Sheryl's red dress! It's a really simple costume for hot days and really comfortable.
sheryl nome red dress cosplay

Donten ni Warau

Donten ni Warau (Lauging under the clouds) is one hell of a beautiful story. We had to cosplay from it! The art is amazing too.
shirasu and tenka smiling

Sheryl & Ranka on stage

Our favorite stage outfits from the Macross Frontier OVAs! We wanted to be all sparkly and pink and girly for once.

Shingeki no Kyojin - 3DMG Adventures

A few weeks after finishing our SnK costumes we built the 3DMG and had a shooting :)

Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi & Hange

Shingeki no Kyojin attacked us! And we had to give in an cosplay as Levi and Hanji! Beware of lots of in-character fooling around.