Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts - Another side, another story (AS2)

Collection of funny short clips we imagined for the Kingdom Hearts games :D

Kingdom Hearts Highschool musical

This is crack. Really, comedy crack thought up on the bus home from university with a lot of crack on mind. But fun :D

Kingdom Hearts - Happy Holidays

This video was a present for all the nice people who were cheering on us while doing projects with our cosplay group "Kingdom Hartz IV".

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Oshare Pop

We had the urge to be colorful and happy. So we designed some Oshare inspired outfits for our boys.

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Twilight Town Gang

Twilight Town Gang! The best day ever was with our best friends back then. Everyone fitted the characters so perfectly~

Axel and Roxas - Next Generation

Another original Design, which shows our favorite KH couple in a different life/timline. These creative designs were both made by Majin!

Axel and Roxas - Port Royal

Nothin is better than a KH2 Port Royal version. Nothing. It's cool. It's hot and a lot of fun! We had the best KH group ever.

Kingdom Hearts 2 - Kairi and Olette

Cosplaying together as Kairi and Olette had been a little dream come true. The KH girls were very much underrated.

Cloud & Leon - into the woods

We were totally into the two bishies Cloud and Leon from KH2! Thus we rp-ed them a lot and this is the result of an RP we really liked.

Kingdom Hearts II - Cloud & Leon

Somewhen during our Kingdom Hearts flashy days we just wanted to try som different characters...