Kingdom Hearts Highschool musical

Please don't ask about the drugs we took during that time. We won't tell!!! Inspired by a lot of crack videos on youtube we just wanted to bring our own version of a crack video to life. So when visiting Connichi 2007 we animated a lot of people to join in and do a lot of funny and dumb things. This video kind of has a plot, but it's full of cliché and crack :D

It was a hell lot of fun though *rofl*

The video, among ourselves as Axel and Roxas, features our cosplay group members from the past and a bunch of friends who joined us for the fun. The ORG 13 members who have cameos in the video were all students from university that we convinced to take part and we sewed the coats together with them.
We filmed during all 3 days of connichi and the people around us didn't know how to react. Some were utterly annoyed, some had a lot of fun and some just ignored us ^.-
Still I miss the conventions of the past, they weren't that packed with people and everyone was a lot less serious about things. It's making me nostalgic.


Various stuff (see end of video)

Steady cam


Connichi 2007