K Project

K Project - Misaki and Kamamoto

The dynamic duo of Homura! One of the funniest shootings we ever had. Especially at Mc Donalds!

K project - SPOON 2di

This had been a new outfit for Misaki and Saruhiko, presented by the magazin SPOON. We liked the idea of them getting together again.

K project - small world

SaruMi during their middle-school time! We wanted to create the feeling of "their small world" through our photos. We hope you like it!

K project - Misaki & Saruhiko (Homra)

Once upon a time Misaki and Saruhiko fought back to back against their oponents. Like a perfect team!


We wanted to do a really blody and dirty shooting at least once. There couldn't be a better choice than Yata and Fushimi!

K project -HOMRA vs. Scepter4 (shooting)

Our first K shooting! Franky had been so nice to capture some really cool fighting scenes between these two rascals.

K project - Yata & Fushimi

K consumed our life. Especially Yata and Fushimi and their twisted relationship.