This is the walls we live in

Did you ever wonder how we're living? In 2014 we moved into a brand new apartment and bought a lot of new furniture :) 

It's finally time to show you some pictures of our new flat. It's the biggest project we had this year (and by far the most expensive thing we ever afforded) and we will habe to pay a lot of money for the next few years because of our move. But it was worth it I guess :) Not everything is completely finished yet, but we're constantly working on it (and trying to save up money for new stuff ;____; like a bigger TV and such...)

We planned the colors, floors, furniture and overall look of the whole flat by ourselves. It took us... like a few months to decide on everything together and find stuff we both equally liked and which was affordable. It was fun and also sometimes annoying *laughs* but it turned out pretty decent in the end.

This will be the first post in a series of posts concerning the apartment, but maybe I'll just update this one very frequently too. 

The bedroom

How to get started? Mhmm.. one of my favorite rooms in the new apartment is the bedroom. It's one of the most important things anyway and we wanted to have a little lovey dovey cave. The rest of the flat is full of white colors and furniture, so we wanted the bedroom to have a different style than the rest. We didn't want to get bored of one style too fast :) The bedroom is one of the smaller rooms in our flat, se we couldn't put in a bigger bed.

On the wall are cosplay pictures we like and thought to be fitting for the atmosphere of the room :D from the bed you see two pairs of french windows leading to the garden and the terrace.


The bathroom

The bathroom is the only room which has a brown floor. We wanted to have a warm and natural looking room which is modern and doesn't have any cold colors. So we decided for a floor tile which is a chocolate brown and has a wooden look to it. (The rest of the flat has the same tiles but in a warm grey color). The furniture in the bathroom is darkbrown and was decided upon by my dad, we just said "oh yes!" and decided for the color :)

My dad is a specialist for bathrooms (his enterprise is about installing bathrooms next to other stuff) so we mostly let him be and do his job :) I love the outcome though! And we have a seperate toilet for guests. This shit is woth so much D:


Upcoming next will be the kitchen/living room


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