Air Gear - Ikki & Kazu


Animuc 2009

We somehow got into watching Air Gear in winter and it fascinated us a lot. We immediately fell in love with those uniforms they had later on, especially the leather and the orange. It's been such a while that we cosplayed anything really 'cool' and stuff, but we had so many plans, that we didn't want to cosplay it at first. We wanted to do Final Fantasy IX and Haruhi before that.
When we started searching for fabrics, we didn't find any for the other costumes, but we found high quality pleather for around 8 EUR per meter and also a perfect orange fabric. So we decided to change all of our plans and bought it.

The jacket designs are merged from manga and anime, because both versions had things we liked and wanted to have in our jackets. Especially the zippers. But as zippers are so fucking expensive and we didn't have that much money, we didn't make the real manga version.

The costumes were a bitch to sew, especially the white border around it. I wanted it to me smaller, but we didn't find a way to get it done, so we did it like we did. We wanted to have 'sharp corners'. The Kogarasumaru symbol on the backs is partly printed, partly handpainted on a piece of fabric and glued to the jacket. Kazu's white hat is partly hand-knitted by me and partly sewed from fabric.

It's been a lot of fun to cosplay those two! Especially Ikki was fun, because he's such a strange fuck *laughs* But the best thing was, that we had also Simca and Agito in our group that day, and it was so so so much fun to skate around and just have fun be in-character all the time. It's been one of the best cosplay-experiences I've had so far~ Even though I really feel weird as Ikki. But I love the goggles.

Guest cosplayers featured this time are Firi as Agito and Rei as Simca.

Random works

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