Hey guys, I know it's a little late and it's been such a long time (and I'm always so busy, nontheless getting older and... gaaaaaa) .. but happy new year 2015!

Today is one of these days I decide to be more active again and actually maintain our site and stuff (and I will probably be failing miserably anyway) BUT... let's take this moment as yet another chance to try and do my best!

Maybe I shall make myself a reminder to at least post something once a week. But then I guess a lot of random entries will be written... but then again, I DON'T CARE! 

So let's talk about all the important stuff-

We're not visiting LBM this year (AGAIN!!!) ... it's just too expensive (AGAIN)...

So our tiny little car broke last autumn and we had to get us a new one. Now we don't have that much money anymore, because it's yet another expensive thing to be paid off and.... 

A - N - Y - W - A - Y ~ say hello to our new car :) We call him ... baby - tank. (Pshhhht it's a Mercedes Benz :D)

So I was about to whine about not being able to attend LBM this year, but as a compensation we decided (because we have a good new car now!) to go to munich and visit Animuc again this year. Because our dear friends Naru & Sas let us stay at their base, we can afford to go there (even though for us it's on the other end of the country lol)

So we also made Cosplay plans already and started with some of the stuff, but lazy ass bitch me is procrastinating like mad... I hope I will get my stuff finished on time haha... 

I will talk about our cosplans in another blog entry, to keep them short and coming. Also some of our 2014 costumes need to be put online... 

So concerning our plans - 1 character will be completely new for me, one I have already cosplayed, but not really officially and one will be an old aquaintance I feel in love with AGAIN! 

Stay tuned for me irrelevant blah blah blah during the next days ^.-


I still love our new car! Its our little black pearl. Have to love it very, very long~


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