Toshiya - Tsumi to batsu (photoshoot)

I always loved the version of this costume because it was much easier than the PV Version of the same costume and had less details. I had a lot of fun making the skirt and the top and also building up the pearl necklaces he wears. One of my favorite things about Toshiya has always been his blue hair. I used hairspray to paint it blue, because I didn't want to dye my real hair blue. (I had blue hair once and it turned green and then brown and afterwards I didn't want to bleach it again to get it back to blue).

One of my favorite parts were the plateau shoes (10 cm!!) which I got off ebay and the tights a dear friend gave to me for the costume because I didn't have any stores in my town to buy such stuff.

All in all I wore the costume twice, once for the 1 year jubilae of the visual kei fanmeeting which got me into cosplay in the first place and to Connichi 2005 which was my first Connichi visit ever. Because of the fact that it was kind of the "light version" of the original tsumi to batsu outfit, me and my friends made a lot of jokes about how Toshiya "forgot his whole costume at home for the shoot and had to improvise."

Theme: Premiered:
KöViT - 2005
Rough cost:
July 2005
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