Toshiya - Garden [alternate]

Toshiya - Garden (alternate)

The outfit is one of the versions of Dir en Greys really old PV "Garden". There are two slightly different versions of it, which I made both because I liked the costume so much. It was one of my very first more complex costumes and it gave me a lot of challenges while making it.

One of them was of course finding the right materials, because I wasn't able to order fabric online back then. Also the feathers were really difficult to find. As a perfectionist I wanted to get just the right kind of feathers and I searched a long time until I found the perfect ones. Another challenge was to get to know the details in the first place, because all I had were blurry pictures and a blurry video in which he just wore it for a few short scenes.

While glueing together the headpiece I burned my fingers too many times to count and I my mothers asked when this "stage of my youth" would finally be over. But it was just the beginning.

Sewing together the patent leather also was a big difficulty for me and I learned to use a special trick to do it which I still use today whenever I sew leather and the likes.

All in all my makeup skills still sucked back then, but it was my first dream cosplay and I was so proud when I managed to bring it together. I felt accomplished and also had a lot of fun while wearing it, it's a really nice memory.

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KöVit - 2005
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