The fashion nerd

Cosplay is the way I express myself

Hi! My name is Majin and I am 168 cm tall and a fashionista. I love cosplaying because I love being different characters! I do cosplay as well as crossplay because my love for characters knows no limits and I love acting like a character I can identify with. When cosplaying I'm a perfectionist and try to be as accurate as possible, also I always try to have clean and nice craftsmanship. Next to be clean with all the details, I also try to be as accurate as possible while portraying the character. I love roleplaying so bringing a certain character to life as I imagine them to be is very important for me.

Cosplaying is loving a character and his world and I really really hate it to be halfassed with anything. I always give my best and I have a lot of petpeeves with cosplay in general. If I see a detail for a costume and I have not thought about it, I can't be satisfied until I added it. Choosing fabrics for costumes is also an important topic for me, because I do not want it to look like a carnival's costume, but an authentic representation of a character and his surroundings. 

My private life

Next to cosplay and fashion I work in IT as a consultant and web developer. All of my colleagues are guys and working there is always crazy, but a lot of fun too.
Kayleigh and I are in a romantic relationship for about 8 years now and we also live together since 2007.She is the love of my life and we do almost everything together. The stuff we do together when not cosplaying consists of roleplaying, parties, friends and family, shopping and many other things that make life colorful and lively. If you want to know more about us in the future you should follow our blog where we will post a lot of stuff.

September, 24
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IT consultant
my girlfriend, dresses, food, coke, music, art, my friends, family, dancing
false friends, liars, arguments, stress, idiots, stupidity

Favorite works

Final Fantasy XV - Noctis Lucis Caelum Tenebrae A photoshooting with young Noctis and a lof of blue flowers and sunrays!
Servamp - Licht vs. Hyde Licht and Hyde fighting against each other and becoming a team in the end was the motto for one of our alltime favorite shootings.
Servamp - Domestic Greed Pair We decided to have a home sweet home shooting as our favorite angel and demon!
Guren and Shinya Owari no Seraph - Guren and Shinya This two hot guys are from Owari no Seraph. Named Guren and Shinya. They are bestest of friends and share a... deep relationship.
shirasu and tenka smiling Donten ni Warau Donten ni Warau (Lauging under the clouds) is one hell of a beautiful story. We had to cosplay from it! The art is amazing too.
Shingeki no Kyojin - 3DMG Adventures A few weeks after finishing our SnK costumes we built the 3DMG and had a shooting :)
Shingeki no Kyojin - Levi & Hange Shingeki no Kyojin attacked us! And we had to give in an cosplay as Levi and Hanji! Beware of lots of in-character fooling around.
Macross Frontier - Sheryl (blue dress) Sheryl Nome in one of her many dresses. This is the casual blue one done by Majin.
K project - SUPER PSYCHO LOVER We wanted to do a really blody and dirty shooting at least once. There couldn't be a better choice than Yata and Fushimi!
NyuTec - Kyle & Jin Kyle and Jin are characters created for NyuTec, our original univerese. These two are very special in their own way...
Little red riding hood steampunk cosplay Little Red Riding Bitch and the Horny Wolf Little Red Riding Hood steampunked! Have a look at our wild and sexy interpretation of this old fairytale. ;)