Toshiya - Drain away

I've been such a big fan of Dir en Grey and especially their bassist Toshiya, so I tried out a lof of different outfits which weren't that difficult for me to make. I didn't possess a lot of money or skills, because those were my first costumes. Also my make-up skills kind of sucked back then, but everyone starts as a n00b somehow *laughs*.

It was a lot of fun though and I met a lot of different people when I traveled to concerts in germany and spent my nights at trainstations waiting for the first train to my hometown in the morning. Oh and... the photography was also bad during those times. The cameras one possessed weren't that good either and the focus of cosplaying wasn't so much on taking good pictures as it was on having fun, loving the character and meeting new people :)

Oh... and using your real hair for all of the hairstyles was also a must in the past!

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