Shingeki no Kyojin - 3DMG Adventures

Aaaaaahh... those damn gears were so much work. We decided to make the anime version because we thought it was more elegant looking. But it had so many small details, which drove us mad towards the end. I can't belive we finished this. 

They are made from F-Boards (which is a lightweight foam board), foil, Worbla's finest art, balsa wood (which is a lightweight wood for model-building), paint, screws.... stuff, yeah. It took us about a month to make them (besides work) and we premiered them at the Animuc 2014 in munich. 

The worst thing about them is, that you can't go to the toilet while wearing them ^^" But it's nice that they came out really light and the blades are even detachable from the ... holder.. things. Yeah. 

Theme: Premiered:
AnimuC 2014
Rough cost:
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Way to act friendly and nice and insult customers in the same
reply Al! I sure us consumers are the problem. It couldn have anything to do with things
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factory owner is the lowest bidder would it?

I mean. As long as the samples they test before sending to you come back
fine things are good right?.

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Which brings us to the sixth key concept: If you think the world needs
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As the world careens dangerously close to complete ruin, McHugh trains her unflinching
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Adult Toys A federal judge Monday refused to dismiss a Virginia lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the federal health care law, handing the
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District Court Judge Henry E. Hudson rejected arguments from Obama administration lawyers that Virginia has no standing to sue over the law and no chance of ultimately prevailing in its constitutional claim..
Each unit will include an architectural element with dramatic barn siding that opens to reveal a closet and mechanical equipment, an element
that Sunter refers to as a "little bit of country in the city." A transom window above the adjacent bedroom is revealed when the barn door to the room slides shut.
This unit in the historic building includes an exposed brick wall and a large
rusted steel beam adjacent to the kitchen. The condo includes a
large walk in closet with a stacked washer and dryer and porcelain hexagon patterned flooring in the bathroom, which has a glass enclosed shower, a floating vanity and a wall mounted
toilet for a modern look.. Adult Toys

dildo Get my drift?We don't say that "everyone" does anything here.
In fact, we've always been pretty intense about helping people to keep generalizations in check.
We also do have a good deal of material that either isn't about having sex or masturbating at all (like all of our anatomy content), a big piece on celibacy, and some pieces about folks who aren't
sexually active, even with themselves. In slang terms, it might have a colloquial
title, and an English friend recently introduced me to an app that might have
the answer, a hilarious collection of rude words and even ruder definitions
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Random works

Shiki - Natsuno & Toru We loved the flair of Shiki very much. The story is so intriguing and scary, but not scary enough to not watch it!
Axel and Roxas - Next Generation Another original Design, which shows our favorite KH couple in a different life/timline. These creative designs were both made by Majin!