Cosplay WIP

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Today I want to write about the new cosplays we already started on: Mikaela Hyakuka and Ferid Bathory from Owari no Seraph!

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Hello guys!

We. are. doomed. D:

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I recently finished my Kumo Tenka cosplay from Donten ni warau. I really loved the character design, especially the black hair and black eyes and the beautiful kimono. At first I didn't want to cosplay it, but my girlfriend convinced me to do it in the end. So a long journey consisting of a lot of hurdles began >____<' 

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Tumblr had another question for me regarding Hanjis (rat-nest) wig. here is what I recommend:

Hanji wig recommendation

 Unfortunatly, I can’t tell you which one she got exactly. She bought her wig on eBay months ago and we can’t tell you which one she got, because ebay sucks and deletes ones buy-history after 60 days. -__-

BUT it has to be one with a clip-on pony-tail! Thats very important. And it has to have shorter strands in the neck too.

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One person at tumbler asked me about Majin's Hanji Goggles and how she made them. Here is my answer:

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I got another question regarding our Shingeki no Kyojin costumes via tumblr and I want to share my answer here too:

Question: What buckles did you use to attach the y-straps to the main (waist) belt? I can't figure out how to get the buckles through the main belt at all.

Those are actually normal buckles (a bit longer tough). Since we used real army belts (those with two holes in a row and consisting of really thick leather) we too had no idea how to attach them at first. But Majin thought of a simple trick.

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At tumblr, one user asked me about my Levi costume. And since I answered it properly, I wanted to share it here as well:

Question: Where did you get all your stuff for Levi? The wig, boots and Cosplay? And do you have a make-up tutorial. Like it is beautiful.

All I got for Levi is self-made. Except the boots. Those are costumized to resemble the ones from attack on titan.