K project - Misaki & Saruhiko (Homra)

Ahhh I love those two little shits so much. When the poster came out where they had outfits from a time when they were together in Homra, I immediately wanted to cosplay it. It was so cute when they were young and we had so much fun imagining them together as friends like they were in the past... it's more like... sad, ok? SaruMi breaks my heart. 

I love the short pants Misaki is wearing though and he looks so cute without his hat.

Saruhiko had been a member of the red clan once. Together with Misaki he helped to fight against those who brought chaos into Shizume City. But since Misaki grew more and more attached to the other members, Saruhiko got the feeling of loosing him bit by bit. Thus he ended up closin himself... its so sad. :( SaruMi gave us (and still do) so many feels!

Theme: Premiered:
2013 - private shooting
Rough cost:
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Not ruling him out."Zach Bogosian also did not skate with the team and there's no further update on the status of his lower body injury.The Sabres home game Oct. 24 against the New Jersey Devils will be the team's participation in the annual NHL Hockey Fights Cancer program, a league initiative to raise money and awareness for cancer research.That website is also the destination for fans to bid on the purple jerseys the Sabres will wear during warmups.In the past four years, the Sabres have donated $20,000 from its Hockey Fights Cancer fund to Flashes of Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure for children's cancer while honoring the lives and memories of children fighting cancer.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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The happiness within the team was amazing to see, talking
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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Get daily updates directly
to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Slipstream A League: RAFA A 8 New Bazaar B 4; Spread Eagle A 5 Greens Bar A 7;
Dickies A 5 Barrel C 7; Salutation A 4 Devorgilla B 8; Slipstream
6 Abbey Inn A 6; Abbey Inn C 8 Lochar Inn A 4.Alba
Printers B League: Railway Club 4 Dickies B 8; LADSC B 10
LADSC E 2; LADSC C 6 Last Post A 6; Stakeford B 4 Troqueer Arms
A 8; Barrel B 9 RAFA B 3; Globe M/S A 4 Barrel A 8.TB Watson C League: Ship Inn 4 Townhouse
8; Normandy 6 LADSC D 6; Hole in the Wa A 6 Stag A 6; New
Bazaar A 6 Mount Sydney 6; Dumfries BC 3 Victoria Inn 9; Waverley A no game.Burns
Taxis D League: Fleshers 10 Hole in the Wa B 2; Jolly Harvester 4 Lochside Tavern 8; Stag
B 7 Douglas Arms 5; Friars Vaults 6 Maxwellton BC
6; Five Arches NR Stakeford; Cavens Arms no game.LADSC
E League: Waverley B 6 Spread Eagle B 6; Greens B 5 Worlds End
7; Last Post B 2 Globe M/S B 10; Troqueer Arms B 7
Jolly Harvester B 5; Devorgilla A no game; Tam O' Shanter no game.Like us
on FacebookFollow us on TwitterDaily NewsletterTransfer TalkTransfer news live as Celtic and Rangers plus the rest of the Premiership step up their squad rebuilds
for new seasonScotland's best transfer blog is up and running join us for all the latest done deals, news and rumours from Scottish football and further afield.Celtic FCCeltic dealt
blow as Liverpool end interest in Virgil van DijkThe Hoops were set
for a bumper sell on fee for their former star but the deal is now off the table
after the Anfield side retreated.Celtic FCFormer Celtic star Darren O'Dea recalls the time Roy
Keane got his own back on Mark WilsonThe former Hoops defender told Open Goal's Simon Ferry about the time the Irish football legend
made his team mate pay in training.Rangers FCRangers target Daniel Candeias opens door for Pedro Caixinha approach and says he's ready to talkThe
Benfica winger who has just finished a loan spell
in Turkey with Alanyaspor says he is interested in speaking to Caixinha.Rangers
FCRangers boss Pedro Caixinha backs new signing Fabio Cardoso to become full Portugal internationalThe Gers boss
is set to pair the 23 year old former youth cap in his central
defence with fellow new arrival Bruno Alves.BMWHistoric Black Beauty Touring Car on its way
to the UKA real treat is in store for motorsport fans who recall the halcyon days of racing in the 1980s, as the
famous Black Beauty touring car is coming to the UK for the first time all the way from
its home Down Under.Transfer TalkTransfer news live as
Celtic and Rangers plus the rest of the Premiership step up their squad rebuilds for new seasonScotland's best transfer blog is up and running join us for all the latest done deals, news and rumours from
Scottish football and further afield.Knockhill Racing CircuitWatch
the Knockhill Super Touring Car Festival 2017This year's Knockhill Super Touring Car Festival once again provided motorsport
fans with plenty of thrills, especially as there was a
full Scottish Motor Racing Club line up of races.
You can see a video gallery of all the action here, thanks
to Craig McAllister and Eddie Kelly Motorsport Photography.Scottish Football AssociationSFA
chief Stewart Regan says Project Brave still has long way to go before
being put into actionThe plans would see wholesale changes to
Scotland's approach to developing young talent but are still some way from
being finalised.Celtic FCCeltic dealt blow as Liverpool end interest in Virgil van DijkThe
Hoops were set for a bumper sell on fee for their former star but the
deal is now off the table after the Anfield side retreated.UK
WorldHeart stopping footage shows moment brave armed police officers kill London Bridge terrorists attacking innocent
peopleWARNING: DISTRESSING IMAGES. Thanks to the swift action of the police, the attack was stopped eight
minutes after the first callTransfer TalkTransfer news live as Celtic and Rangers plus the rest of the Premiership step up their
squad rebuilds for new seasonScotland's best transfer blog is up
and running join us for all the latest done deals, news and rumours from Scottish football
and further afield.Celtic FCCeltic dealt blow as Liverpool end interest in Virgil van DijkThe Hoops were set for a bumper
sell on fee for their former star but the deal is now off the table
after the Anfield side retreated.MuseumsWatch stunning drone
footage of Scotland's first ever design museumThe stunning footage shows huge cast stone panels being hung on the curving
walls of the museum.Irvine NewsGeneral Election 2017: All you need to know as
North Ayrshire goes to the pollsThe general public will cast their votes today with declarations being made in the
early hours of Friday morning Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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A company partially owned by Pawar and his daughter Supriya Sule turned out to be behind a bid for the Pune franchise, though they
had previously denied it. Srinivasan owned Chennai Super Kings while he was the secretary and later the president of the BCCI.
Different members of Modi's extended family owned stakes
in the Punjab and Rajasthan franchises..

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horseshoe sets, beanbag sets, new volleyballs, new basketballs (boys and girls), new footballs (youth and
large), jerseys (for separation of teams), cones,
polyspots, weighted vests, resistance training running bands, high altitude training
masks, weightroom equipment (leg press, half racks,
barbells, dumbbells) for use in the weightroom, and many other apparatuses for storage and implementation. As the sole PE teacher of
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MS/HS) as well as the required PEP grant PDs.. wholesale nfl jerseys from china

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Rep. Ted Lieu, a California Democrat with a degree in computer science, sent a tweet to the president Wednesday:
"Please do not use your cellphone for sensitive calls. Security officials gave him a modified one that allowed him limited use with enhanced security.

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Central Park is one of the Big Apple's most visited destinations.

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of one of the world's busiest cities, is a fantastic place to wander around in the spring.
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It is the only accessory that I need. There are a few stars that stand out prominently in the night sky but not quite as bright as the planets, except for Sirius, the
Dog Star in the constellation of Canis Major, which shines at
a magnitude of 1.42 brighter than Mars but not
quite as bright as Mercury. Next in brightness is
Canopus, which is in the constellation of Carina and has a magnitude of 0.72.
At 0.27, the Alpha Centauri star system is next in order of brightness.
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wholesale jerseys This isn't about Xs and Os. It's about execution. Will and effort.
WI plays too many bits and pieces players in one team. Genuine allrounders are rare but guys that can bowl
a bit and bat a bit are plentiful. You can't play both Russel and Sammy in the same team.
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wholesale jerseys A zip pack is a collection of ingredients packed
into aluminum foil and placed in the embers of the fire.

Easy ingredients to use are hot dogs, canned potatoes, instant rice and canned vegetables.
Each member of the party can customize their own pack to eat for dinner.
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cheap nfl jerseys Were born six weeks early and five days before
the trade deadline, said Stempniak. Penguins GM Ray Shero) was great.
He let me go home like four times in the three months that I
was there to visit. "They didn't do anything we haven't seen. We just weren't patient," Cavaliers coach Linda Dorsey said.
"We kind of went into a panic mode cheap nfl jerseys.

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He describes himself as "sensitive" but also with "a ton of game to back it up."
"The Situation" is sometimes his nickname, as when he tells people at dinner
that "Situation sits at the head of the house." It's also the name he uses
to describe his ab muscles, as when he asks strangers if they've "seen The Situation yet,"
and then removes his shirt if they say no.
I think: "This situation is gonna be indescribable you can't even describe the situation that you're about to get into the situation." That sentence happened.
Is the closest thing Jersey Shore has to a human being.

wholesale nfl jerseys Signs warning of cave ins and
explosives are posted near some of the larger abandoned
mines. Drinking water is available at the Goblin Valley State Park Ranger Station.
Take adequate drinking water with you for any expedition into the San Rafael Swell area.
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wholesale jerseys I thought I was "keeping the family together" for the good of the children, but my son said that it would have been better for
him if he was free from the verbal abuse of his father.
Some of these children were physically abused as well as verbally.
The mother or father who put up with the abuse is going to pay another penalty.
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wholesale jerseys from china Everybody stared, and my confidence plummeted.

However, you understand what? Once the factor you have been most afraid of happens, it's kind of a relief.
I put a band aid on my pride, and when I had been no longer
so terrified of falling, there is room for other stuff,
like courage along with a spontaneity.Tell
a new story about yourself.I went to this yoga retreat feeling really sure
of two truths: I don't like mushy eggplant or getting out of bed at sunrise.
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wholesale nfl jerseys "I've never known the game as professional as it is now. You're talking about it being up there with Manchester United, Liverpool or Chelsea. They don't want to acknowledge that in Croke Park, the amount of work that is being put in. Obviously we can't send every budding thirteen year old to the French Alps for the whole winter, especially when education and home life are equally important at that time in their lives, so that is when new coaching alternatives are called into play. The UK now has 6 state of the art indoor real snow winter sports centres. These are huge indoor facilities that utilise the very latest in snow generation equipment to provide slopes of real snow for skiers and snowboarders to use. wholesale nfl jerseys

Cheap Jerseys china Cote also is one of five high school athletes in the country being featured by ESPN during the sports network's fourth annual Jimmy V Week for Cancer Research, Dec. 1 7. Features on television, online and in ESPN The Magazine during the week are designed "to raise awareness of the
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wholesale jerseys Legitimate concerns about testing times have also been raised by both educators and parents. PARCC will be administered during a window of time in the spring. That does not mean there will be 20 days of testing. The Sixers have options and, for the fourth straight year, they have one of the top three picks in the draft. There's no way to know if they'll be back to try for a fifth with their own pick. It could happen, or the elusive launching pad might have finally been reached.. wholesale jerseys

cheap nfl jerseys Celebrate June 14 Flag DayThe Flag of the United States symbolizes many years of hard work, entrepreneurship, foresight, fortitude, sacrifice, strength, tears, joy, pride, and love of Country. Using their God given talents, these immigrants worked hard, became citizens, and built this Country. Hardships build character and strength, and these difficult times, too, should be remembered when looking at the Flag cheap nfl jerseys.

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