Gackt - Sixth Day & Seventh Night

Wow, its always interesting to see stuff I did years ago. Right now its 2013 and looking back on 2004 brings forth many good memories. Like cosplaying for the first time in my life.

The costume I wear on the pictures is inspired by the stage outfit Gackt wore during his "Sixth Day & Seventh Night" Tour I happend to see live twice in Japan. While attending the concert I saw Japanese Cosplayers for the first time in my life and I was like: "Wow, thats cool! I want to do this too!" and I was told that its called "Cosplay" later on.

I have sewn a bit in the past, like cushions and such basics you get to learn in school. Sewing a whole outfit was much different, but I was determined to do it. I never got the perfect fabric, but I was satisfied with what I got. Making the mask was the best part on this costume! Its so creative!

While doing J-Music Cosplay I always used my real hair, so yes, it was really short for a while.

Theme: Premiered:
KöViT 2004
Rough cost:
April 2004
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Random works

K project - SPOON 2di This had been a new outfit for Misaki and Saruhiko, presented by the magazin SPOON. We liked the idea of them getting together again.
shirasu and tenka smiling Donten ni Warau Donten ni Warau (Lauging under the clouds) is one hell of a beautiful story. We had to cosplay from it! The art is amazing too.