FFIX - Garnet & Zidane

We love Final Fantasy IX to death, so a long time ago we decided to cosplay it together. In the beginning I only wanted to make the princess' dress and Kay said she would be my Zidane then. In the end we couldn't wait for AniMagiC to come that we already started to plan it in spring. I found the perfect fabric for Dagger's orange suit so I thought "Why not trying it out?". I didn't think it would look good on me, but it actually did. I've never got so many nice compliments on a costume at a convention before! Although there are a few things still bothering me, and the fabric is not that everlasting at all, I like this costume very much. After Dokomi I improved some details and changed the wig. I like the short hair a lot, but I came to love the long hair! The wig was a bit bitchy to get done, but it was really worth the work.

I also helped Kay with her Zidane costume because we didn't have a lot of time. I made her complete vest and it was bitchy, but also fun to make. I'm very proud of the outcome. Her boots were the most ennerving part of all. It took her 3 evenings to finish them, but they look so good now!

Theme: Premiered:
Dokomi 2009
Rough cost:
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