Final Fantasy IX - Zidane & Garnet (gown)

 I love this dress, therefore I needed to make it. At the beginning I never wanted to do Garnet's orange jumpsuit, but somehow I managed to do it because I wanted to cosplay Garnet early in 2009 and didn't want to wait until I had the money and time for the dress. And money and time I needed for that. It turned out much more expensive in the end than I had planned, main reason were the fabrics. They were expensive and not that easy to get. I especially wanted to use two different kinds of fabric for the upper and the under part of the dress because from the textures you can see in the cgi's she has two different fabrics with a slightly different shade as well.

Also, because of the expensivesness of the fabrics, I didn't want to paint the floral designs on them. It also looks cheap in my opinion. I stitched on all of the designs and added green pearls to give it the expensive and also glittering high society look. The symbols on the bottom of the dress are golden fabric paint though. Kayleigh made me special patterns for it. Kayleigh also made all of the silver accessoires because she has those magical fingers for those kinds of stuffs and I didn't have the time to finish all of that. The silver chains I used everywhere are silver-coated singapore chains. They look really nice and I needed to use them because they don't stain the white fabric. I've been very afraid of chains who do that.

Beneath the dress I'm wearing a big fat selfmade petticoat. I didn't want to make a crinoline, because I think it looks ugly. Also it's clearly visible in the cgi's that her skirt moves around freely. In reality she doesn't wear anything underneath her skirt, but if I'd done that, the dress would look weird. The only possibility to get the look and fluffyness she has, was to use a petticoat.

So~ maybe you'll get an idea about how much work this dress was ^^" It had really cost all of my nerves.

Theme: Premiered:
AnimagiC 2009
Rough cost:
Krone, Andy K, Franky
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