Servamp - Domestic Greed Pair

Sooooooo .... we did it. We got ourselves flashed with Servamp. OMG... I didn't know this was possible, but it happened. At first my girlfriend didn't like the series at all. Now we have bought all the manga and cosplayed it like all 3 days of Connichi 2016 and we're still into it and plan a few more versions and some photoshootings and stuff. But for a start, as we mostly took (a lot) of stupid selfies and just a few pictures are the convention, we did a photoshoot at our apartment.

It was... the camera and us all the way and it took way to long and it was way to exhausting without a proper photographer BUT in the end I really like the results. Out flat is such a photogenic little shit. Haha. We need more light though... and maybe a new camera in the future. Anyway, a few more photos will be uploaded here with those two in the future! The costume itself was rather spontaneous, I'm so in love with Lawless-chan and the "denpa tenshi" Lich-tan. Licht suits my girl so well, I'm amazed! And she roleplays as him so cutely!! There will definitely be more of the fanboy - hedgehog and the violence angel soon.

Theme: Date:
October 2016
Our favorite pictures


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outside off, Mandeep makes room and slaps it over point.
He does not get it off the middle of the bat and has hit that in the gap and gets a boundary.1.6
: C Woakes to M Singh, SIX! Into the stands! Woakes dishes out a length ball around
off, Mandeep gets under it and clubs it over long on for
a biggie. A good start for him.2.1 : U Yadav to V Kohli,
Digs in short outside off, bounces a touch more, Kohli does well to dab it behind point for a
single.2.2 : U Yadav to M Singh, FOUR! Top shot! Short from Umesh, Mandeep was waiting for
it and pulls it hard behind square on the leg side for a boundary.2.3 :
U Yadav to M Singh, Guides this one to third man for a
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Full toss from Umesh outside off, Kohli looks to go over mid off.
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Football no longer allows breaks. The concept of rest has been scooped up by the
machine, chewed up and spat out.Some poor hacks are being
forced to watch pre season friendlies. I can see a couple from my desk,
crying into their keyboards. In the professional rodeo events the task of protecting the bull rider now falls on the bullfighter while the
rodeo clown once again focuses on entertaining
the crowd. There is much debate between historians on when the first rodeo actually occurred.
Cowboys of old often competed against each other for bragging rights about
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amounted to 1,400 for the season. These agreements were not in writing.

Although all the exact terms may not have been established, the court accepted that the agreements existed and that in so far as the plaintiffs were members
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NHL this season, fired Coach Al Sims on Friday after only one year.
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full orchestra and it worked really well live, particularly
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The situation is different as the country does not fall
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Raleigh IDC is an 8,500 square foot raised floor facility located in theheart of Research Triangle
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cheap jerseys A IS suicide bomber blew himself up in March in a soccer stadium south of the Iraqi
capital, killing 29 people and wounding 60. The bomber chose a match in a
small stadium in the city of Iskanderiya, 30 miles from Baghdad.
The London based Quilliam Foundation reported at about the same time
that boys in IS military training were instructed to kick decapitated heads as soccer balls..
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wholesale jerseys However, he's never given Jenni a reason not to trust
him. If she is upset that he spends some time with
his friends and shows her displeasure by hanging up on him like a 12 year old girl,
then she has issues that run deeper than their relationship.
She shouldn't be taking her anger out on him..

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wholesale jerseys I don't think this gets you around studying.
But what it might do is give the participant, and the people at home,
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world. 15 year old she prostitution. She was detained in a report on the promotion of prostitution, sexual assault and other serious crimes alleged juvenile detention centers.
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Cheap Jerseys free shipping Sammi clearly knows she's in for some hell because the
three girls hate her, and Ronnie is trying to tell her he's
got her back. These are the most un self aware people I have ever seen on a reality show, and I watch a lot of "Elimidate." Does Sammi even remember that the only
reason why she's mad at the girls is because they didn't tell her outright
that RONNIE WAS CHEATING ON HER? That the person from whom she is seeking succor is the the very source of her angst?
Did I say succor? I meant sucker. We also love to see
that Sammi's default is always, "Tell me why you love me and it better be good or we are done." Ronnie calls on her
this, or at least that's our interpretation Cheap Jerseys free shipping.

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12% are dancers, and 62% of all cheerleaders are involved
in a second sport. Moreover, 83% of all cheerleaders have a 'B' grade point average or higher.80% of schools in the United States
have cheerleading squads, and the most popular sport for cheerleading is football.Texas is known to be the cheerleading capital of the United
states.The Dallas Cowboys were the first National Football
League (NFL) team to have a recognized cheering squad in the 72 73 season. The
squad was called the 'Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders', who gained the spotlight right from the
word go with their sophisticated moves and revealing outfits.

wholesale jerseys from china What mischievous KRLA didn't say was that it knew where Allen was:
working at his old station in Buffalo, waiting for his contract to expire.
Arkoff to singer Luther Vandross, have been chosen to be added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, a spokeswoman for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce said.
Selected honorees, by category, are: Movies Arkoff; actors Chevy Chase, Richard Farnsworth, Anna Lee, Pat Morita, Jason Robards and Meryl Streep; directors
Arthur Cohn and Oliver Stone, and Bugs Bunny animator Friz Freleng.
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Holland) for manpower. As for foreign aid, Holland chose to stay neutral after being threatened by Britain; France, on the other hand,
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All this, and our man, the Thorpedo himself, says it's not about the money.
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