Servamp - Domestic Greed Pair

Sooooooo .... we did it. We got ourselves flashed with Servamp. OMG... I didn't know this was possible, but it happened. At first my girlfriend didn't like the series at all. Now we have bought all the manga and cosplayed it like all 3 days of Connichi 2016 and we're still into it and plan a few more versions and some photoshootings and stuff. But for a start, as we mostly took (a lot) of stupid selfies and just a few pictures are the convention, we did a photoshoot at our apartment.

It was... the camera and us all the way and it took way to long and it was way to exhausting without a proper photographer BUT in the end I really like the results. Out flat is such a photogenic little shit. Haha. We need more light though... and maybe a new camera in the future. Anyway, a few more photos will be uploaded here with those two in the future! The costume itself was rather spontaneous, I'm so in love with Lawless-chan and the "denpa tenshi" Lich-tan. Licht suits my girl so well, I'm amazed! And she roleplays as him so cutely!! There will definitely be more of the fanboy - hedgehog and the violence angel soon.

Theme: Date:
October 2016
Our favorite pictures


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it out.1.5 : C Woakes to M Singh, FOUR! Up and over! Shorter
outside off, Mandeep makes room and slaps it over point.
He does not get it off the middle of the bat and has hit that in the gap and gets a boundary.1.6
: C Woakes to M Singh, SIX! Into the stands! Woakes dishes out a length ball around
off, Mandeep gets under it and clubs it over long on for
a biggie. A good start for him.2.1 : U Yadav to V Kohli,
Digs in short outside off, bounces a touch more, Kohli does well to dab it behind point for a
single.2.2 : U Yadav to M Singh, FOUR! Top shot! Short from Umesh, Mandeep was waiting for
it and pulls it hard behind square on the leg side for a boundary.2.3 :
U Yadav to M Singh, Guides this one to third man for a
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Full toss from Umesh outside off, Kohli looks to go over mid off.
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at Mercerslipped in a DVD and, for the first time, watched his team stun third seeded Duke last month
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Later generations of fans who never saw DiMaggio play have always wondered what set this player apart from his talented
contemporaries, and Cramer gets that crucial sense across.
It wasn't just that "Of the five things a ballplayer must do run, field, throw, hit, and hit for power DiMaggio was the first man in history who was brilliant at five out of five." It was also that "He never seemed to throw to the wrong base, never ran the basepaths stupidly he just couldn't." That's
an impossibly high standard to live up to,
for an athlete or a biographer, and it's barely a knock to say
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good lineup's undoing and his swing has those two gaping

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The roadway was smooth and rolling, with very little traffic.
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One doctor sat me down and a big medical orderly
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wandered away to the depths of the hospital in search of patients.
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cheap nfl jerseys Improvements With Existing MembersTulowitzki immediately
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Ryan Goins started to make spectacular plays, much like Tulowitzki.
This is the Mother's Day I finally give up on simplifying.
No longer will I subject myself to "Embrace what really matters!"
articles, which I've been known to scan furiously
during my son's swim lesson, which wraps up 15 minutes before my daughter's
gymnastics lesson, leaving us just enough time to run over and register
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Errr No Way Out? Yes WWE have resurrected the No Way Out name for their June
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Victors' medals sell for thousands of dollars; in 2006, O'Neil sold a gold from the St.
Louis games for $49,000. Skilled? Not really. Physical?
No. Fast? No. To celebrate Nicholson's birthday, the British Film Institute has re released one of his finest films.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest won five Oscars, including a Best Actor award for Nicholson. His character, RP McMurphy,
is a charismatic petty criminal let loose in a US mental institution in an adaptation of Ken Kesey's classic 1962 novel.
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Posters of el Sissi hang everywhere on the streets of Egypt.
In Cairo, his face lines highways and bridges and towers over city squares.
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wholesale nfl jerseys Were born six weeks early and five days before the trade deadline, said Stempniak.
Penguins GM Ray Shero) was great. He let me go home like four
times in the three months that I was there to visit.
He continued on by talking about how though they may not admit it, every CEO wants
a strategic partner. Someone who will help them think
through strategies, the changing world and changing contexts.
There exists a wing walk as he called it, referring to people who can succeed at both the fun and intriguing tasks like portfolio analysis and M and the more mundane governance topics like closings and consolidations..
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Text > can relate. She moved from Houston to
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