Hobomi 2017 - Dokomi Expo report

Long time no see (read |D ) .... and I have the feeling we're only sharing stuff when we need to report on conventions. Ahh.... that's too bad. I promise to change that. I try to. 

So last weekend we visited the Dokomi convention in Düsseldorf. It's a convention we've been to since the very beginning and never missed one of it! It's one of my favorite conventions, because it's not that far away and they have a lot of cool features. The bad thing is, often we get those really really hot summer days at Dokomi. And this year was no exception. I'm not really keen on summer cosplays, most of our stuff is more autmn or spring like. And this year we decided to cosplay Final Fantasy XV on both days, because the flash is still very strong with us. So.. the whole problem: They don't really wear the most fitting clothes for a hot summer day. When we heard it would be really really hot and humid on saturday we decided to wear something special and comfy. 

So we had the idea of putting kind of hawaii like shirts on our guys (I promised my dear to cosplay as older Noct, because of the ball at the evening and stuff...) and then we thought "Ah... it's Insomnia and Lucis... the hawaii shirts need to be black. And it would be cool if they had skulls instead of flowers!"... and you can't believe it: Amazon had them. So we quickly bought those shirts, some flower necklaces and we were ready to go! Hobos who screw the prophecy and decide to go fishing instead XD 

The dear fanartist Owlteria also immediately made a fanart out of it.. she's that awesome.
I just can't believe it we did that. You can see all of the selfies and stuff we took on the day, at the photosection on the end of this page!

The cosplay ball...

So afterwards in the evening there was the famous Dokomi ball. I spent the whole weekend before the convention sewing Noctis's suit. I'm gonna work on old Noctis whole kingly attire in the future, but for the ball I wanted to wear the black suit only, because it's really elegant. Kay designed and sewed an original outfit for "king" Ardyn she could wear to the ball, and it turned out so classy and cool. I'm kind of envious :D

So in the evening at the ball I was really really tired because of the long and hot day. But I tried my best to dance a few rounds with my dear Ardyn. From Hobo to Homo... ahhh... so our dear friend Sigyn filmed two really gay scenes of us dancing and I don't know what to think about it, but I guess it turned out really cute and maybe you'll want to see what it looked like.

Some waltz...

...and some Rumba...

Dokomi Sunday

So then there was the sunday where I cosplayed as younger Noct again (ahhh it felt so good to not have some itchy beard in my face, I couldn't even properly eat the day before!). The weather was really nice and not hot anymore, so Kay was able to wear her normal Ardyn outfit. We mainly spend the time on conventions to meet up with people, share coscards, get to know new people and just chill. We rarely do photoshootings, because it's so time consuming... but this year we made an exception for Wany who cosplayed as Prompto. So we took some pictures, mainly Noctis & Prompto together and it was so much fun! Even though the lighting was not ideal, I guess it turned out okay for our first shooting together with Wany. (It's always difficult shooting with people we don't know yet, because we want them to feel pretty on the photos and need to know them and their peeves good enough for achieving it).

So I will upload the whole shooting as a gallery later on, but here a preview:


One of the big surprises was we got a lot of presents and "thank you"s by a lot of people who just... like our work and asked us for tips and stuff in the past..!? It was kind of overwhelming. How do we even desever this!? Thank you so much!!!! Have a picture of all the awesome stuff people made/gave to us this weekend:

So now on to the selfie spam from the weekend! You can download the pictures with yourself on it and use them however you want!

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