January 2016

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This is kind of old, but always nice, and as I remade the new homepage this one kind of got lost. So here you go again with our 100 randomly asked questions challenge from 2010 started up on deviantart that time. 

100 randomly asked questions

We asked our deviantart watchers if they want to ask us random questions. So we gathered 100 of them and took our time answering them together. A lot of funny and also embarrassing stuff came out and you can read it here:

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2016 kind of recently started and as I was browsing my old deviantart blog, reminiscent of the past, I found an old meme. I thought it was interesting enough and updated it for 2015 :) So, if you're also interested in writing something about the last year without knowing where to start off - try it out yourself. Oh and I need to harass Kay into doing this too >D

1. What did you do in 2015 that you'd never done before?
I painted a fucking kimono with color gradients and shit. Also I made a gravity defying wig with glue and such. Never did that before ^^"