Panic channel - Tara

I loved the happy music and the colorful outfits of the oshare kei band Panic Channel. They had such a different style from the usual visual kei bands I knew until then and it was refreshing to listen to their music and watch their PVs.
Although they were an indie band who weren't around for too long I especially loved their bassist Tara. (I always fell for the bassits xD) He was such a cutie and I really loved his outfits. So I made this one from a photoshoot which didn't have a name. I love the red details and the overall jeans fabric look. I also could use my pleateau shoes again and the overall outfit was kind of cute.

It was a lof of fun to make it, but when I washed the fabric because it REALLY REALLY dyed my fingers darkblue while working with it, I almost destroyed my costume :( Luckily enough I could save it and I wore it twice (the 2nd time in 2006). I used my real hair again for this one, extensions and even died it for getting the fitting brown color (especially for the 2nd time I wore it. Sadly there are not many pictures of that day).

Theme: Premiered:
KöViT - 2005 October
Rough cost:
October 2005
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