Fullmetal Alchemist - Ed & Roy

When we first watched FMA I almost immediately fell in love with Edward. He's such a brat and he's so funny and also his ass gets kicked multiple times and I love characters who're like that. Also I really really loved his seiyuu (Paku Romi), but I was very unsure about cosplaying him at first. That's because I'm not as small and it would've looked weird. I'm not that tall either and after being flashed by the series so much I simply couldn't resist to do it. Also, even though the fandom is so big there aren't many people who do a good job with making his costume. Most of them just halfass it and it made me sad because Edward deserved an eye for detail in my opinion. Also I love roleplaying as him. Kay wasn't that sure about cosplaying from the series at first, but after a while she so began to love Roy Mustang and his relationship with Edward and his 'coolness'. Also, short and dark hair suits her so well and she made such a good looking Colonel. Our friend Kami always wanted to cosplay as Riza so she was hyper about it as soon as she heard of our plans. Our FMA group was born and it was so much fun! Also wearing Edward and Roy for a little stage show with Ikimashô at NiCon was so funny. (We made something like a casting show and we could be in - character all the way on stage, it was so good).

All in all Edward is one of my favorite characters of all time and Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the best series/manga of all time. Building up the automail was fun and a new experience too and I don't regret anything about it. Many people gave me such nice compliments so I started to forget the fact that I'm slightly too big for Edward. But who cares about size anyway :)

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Connichi 2009
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Julian Moore, blindfish
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