Durarara!! - Masaomi & Izaya (Kuroshitsuji Style)

We liked the concept of Kuroshitsuji, but couldn't identify with any of the characters. So we had the great idea to get creative again and this is the outcome. Masaomi as Lord and Izaya as his Butler. :D In our opinion, these rolls fitted perfectly for them. Since neitehr Masaomi or Izaya had outfits, we came up with them from scratch. Majin designed Masaomi and I made Izaya!

Theme: Premiered:
Animuc 2011
Rough cost:
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Random works

Macross Frontier - Sheryl (blue dress) Sheryl Nome in one of her many dresses. This is the casual blue one done by Majin.
shirasu and tenka smiling Donten ni Warau Donten ni Warau (Lauging under the clouds) is one hell of a beautiful story. We had to cosplay from it! The art is amazing too.